ORIGIN: Italy (Lazio, Sardinia, Tuscany, Sicily, Campania)
Height: Always advanced subjects to 1,56 m are found.
CAPE: It exists in all the variet existing with the relative shadings. Nonexistent E' in the pezzato cape.
Character: It has an optimal nature and volenteroso is demonstrated to learn whichever equestre discipline. Step, trot and gallop are soft and rather it lives to us.
Physicist: The elegant head and very proporzionata. Along and the generally very constructed neck. The back, resistant and very made, finishes with rump and posterior very it models to you. The limbs are long and thin. The aspect, therefore, that one of an elegant and distinguished subject.


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Italy occupies one relief position, as far as the breedings of horses, sin from the time of the Middle Ages. During this period, in fact, it was known like manufacturer of a race adapted is for the war is for the transport goodses is for the agricultural job. This nomea cre thanks to the breedings in the places of the Neapolitan, of Mantova, of Ferrara, of the Lazio, the Tuscany and the Veneto. Currently the production of the Italian race with a law of the State was regulated that decrees the institution of the "genealogico Book of the Horse from Italian saddleback". The subjects pertaining to the genealogico Book are divided in three parts. In before the horses of Purosangue re-enter Anglo-Arab and Arabic Purosangue; in the second one the horse finds itself Anglo-Arab-Sardinian; finally in third we have the Horse from Italian saddleback. This last one pu to only define itself such if it derives from the crossing of stalloni English Purosangue, Arabic Purosangue, Anglo-Arab and derive, Anglo-Arab-Sardinian and derive to you to you, or from Horse from Italian saddleback with giumente produced from Italian breedings, than they at least do not have blood deriving from horses from shooting until the third generation. The Horse from Italian saddleback, in its turn, pu to subdivide itself in two very distinguished categories, that is subjects that have advanced English Purosangue blood to 75% and those that possess some less of 75%.

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