ORIGIN: France
Height: From 1,52 m to 1,63 m
CAPE: The common cape devout the sauro, but is frequent also morello and the bay. Devout very rarely the gray.
Character: It demonstrates an optimal temperament, calm and serene, than it it renders express in the learning. It has also a discreet courage.
Physicist: It has a wide head with eyes very distances and long and expressive orecchie to you. The sturdy incollatura and has a medium length, that capacity from massive shoulders comes. The wide chest and the back, not much long, solid and strong one. The muscolosa rump and continues with long and resistant posterior limbs, especially as far as the garretti. The hooves are introduced round, very it conforms to you and opened. Draft of a meso-dolicomorfo subject.


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A thousand of years ago, in France, existed a good solid and brave horse from shooting, that came called Normanno. Guglielmo is told, in fact, that the Conqueror the port in England like destriero. Probably it was be a matter of the Great Horse from which, it is believed, come down List of dog breeds from shooting English. It came taken a lot in consideration in the XVI and XVII the century and was employed in the jobs of the fields and like horse from shooting in order to allow the transports. In XVII the century it is begun to import stalloni from the Germany and from Scandinavia, subjects Berbers and Arabs, that they came intercrosses with normanne in order obtaining a horse to you from particularly sturdy saddleback giumente. During the XVIII and XIX the century was inserted contributions of blood of breeds purosangue, hunter and Norfolk having come to create the Anglo-Normanno, than pu therefore to be defined met purosangue. The objective of these crossings was to produce a good horse from shooting, but, as a result of the advent of the automobile, cerc a subject from saddleback that enunciated for robustness. Nel 1965, given effective one della to constitution del Franais Saddlebacks, beginnings one massiccia production negli French breedings, that the olympic disciplines supply horses for all still today degli equestri sports. In fact, in the last trent' years, race horses Franais Saddlebacks are themselves classify to you to the first places on the fields of contest of all the world. Currently be selected in qualit of optimal horse from race and horse competition. The job of the breeders be in a position to perfecting, from the original Anglo-Normanno, the Franais Saddlebacks working on precise percentages of derivation from various breeds: 33% English Purosangue, 20% Anglo-Arab, 2% French Trottatore and 40% Franais Saddlebacks.

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