ORIGIN: United States
Height: From 1,10 m to 1,15 m.
CAPE: One finds in all the variet with the various shadings.
Character: Intelligent E' much, adaptable and of company easy gradevole.
Physicist: Slanciato high E' devout and devout regarding its Icelandic ancestors. Thin head has one devout, leggermente incappucciata, with delicate orecchie. The movements of the legs are mark to you and similar to those of the Hackney. The sailing points often are obtained artificially. Although present like a delicate and rather elegant subject, much resistant and sturdy one, succeeding to pull also an equal weight to just.


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The race of the Shetland American one race selected in the breedings, leaving from massive pony the Irish ones of qualit. Popular E' in all the America of the North, where it has caught up prices to which until to hour were arrives only the Purosangue to you English. Gi in 1957 a stallone was sold in order very 85,000 dollars and an other for 90.000. The several one employs in which they are uses these pony demonstrate the varied ones you qualit that it possesses. In the first place a subject adapted to boys and children, that they participate to the contests of attacks; trot race attacks you to the sulky (is records second times to you of a minute and cinquantacinque on the ight hundred meters); participation to competitions where they must pull the maximum weight, deliberate in connection with their weight.

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