After that we will have gone from the veterinary and he us avr prescribed a cycle of cure for our friend; we will have to somministrare some medicinal ones.

Pills, syrups and drops

The medicines many times can be supplied with the food. In this case their somministrazione does not place problems. When for the veterinary ce he advices against it or the dog refusals the food perch does not appreciate the sapore of the medicine, it is necessary directly somministrarlo.


While caps and confetti come easy swallowed, the compressed ones, with   rough surface devout, can create problems useful therefore to grease them with little of alimentary oil or vaselina oil, in order to render them devout slippery. To ask however the veterinary if, in the specific case, not you some contraindication.

Like somministrare:

to seize compressed between the inch and the medium finger;

with laltra hand to force lanimale to open the mouth pressing, with the inch on one side and lindice and the mean dallaltro side, the labbra advanced against the teeth endured GO BACK TO LIST the canines; as soon as sar formed a fissure, with the finger index of the hand that the compressed one holds to lower the jaw

when lanimale avr opened wide the mouth, to push the pill or the compressed one towards

base of the language;

     if it serves, to force lanimale to drink little dacqua before that the medicine can sputare.

Syrups and drops

  In the greater part of the devout cases the solution practices that one to use one syringe without needle and very washed, filled up of the necessary dose.

for to somministrare modest doses of liquid :

to introduce the tip of the syringe between the posterior canines and premolars being held the head

dellanimale leggermente raised

to press the piston. As soon as the liquid exits from the lanimale syringe begins to swallow. The somministrazione dovr to happen with rapidit but leaving the dog the time to swallow, in order to avoid that a part of the drug catches up the trachea, being induced the cough.

If . La quantit of liquid greater :

to use a glass or the small bottle and pours: contained allinterno of the cheek, using the labbro inferior like funnel

If lanimale it refuses to swallow enough sollevargli the head and divaricargli the teeth in order to leave to slide the drug towards the throat.


Ophthalmic medicines

For lestrema sensibilit of the part the dog resistance opposes one that sar easy to exceed acting with emergency and calm.

Eyedrops . . After to have clean accuatamente locchio with one boric water gauze imbevuta to proceed in the following way:

with one hand to raise the dellanimale head holding the snout between inch and index and at the same time to lower the inferior eyelid with the medium finger;

with laltra hand, to hold flacone or the dropper, being left to fall the number of drops previewed is recommended to hold flacone to a distance at least the two centimeters dallocchio in order to avoid of hits.

Salves In order to avoid to hit locchio with the tubetto to act in the following way:

to spread quantit of necessary salve on the finger the index of the hand;

with laltra withholding the snout and opening locchio;

to place the salve allinterno of the inferior eyelid;

with the medium finger of the same hand to close the eyelid.


Auricular drugs

Of usual these medicines are prepare to you in the shape of drops, salves or creams.
Drops, salves, creams

After to have clean accurately lorecchio to act in the following way:

with one hand to hold raised the auricular pavilion in order to render visible limbocco of the channel;

with laltra leaving you to fall the previewed dose;

to massaggiare the base of the pavilion in order to favor the penetration of the medicine.


we thank Francisco Red for the realization of this card