ORIGIN: United States
Height: From 1,52 m to 1,62 m.
CAPE: Often it is found morello, bay, sauro and sauro burnt. Even if it is found again also in all the determined colors.
Character: E' a determined subject and much brave one.
Physicist: The variable morphology, even if maintains the features of the Purosangue: small and muscoloso. The body devout along of that one of purosangue and the short devout limbs and less noble aspect. The hard feet are a lot. Heart and lungs very develop to you and excellent. The wide and deep chest with one sturdy back that termia with one rump much fort.


No breeding to signal
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The prototype of this race the riproduttore Ambletonian X, been born in 1849, father very 1,321 horses and same he came down from the English Purosangue Messenger, imported in 1788. The Standardbred, as we know it currently, derives from various lines of blood: English Purosangue, Hackney, Arabic Purosangue, Berbero and Morgan. With the name "Standards" are called are the trottatori are the ambiatori. For being able to participate to the race the subjects they must answer to determines requirement to you standard of velocit on the distance of a mile: 2 second minuteren and 30 for the trottatori and 2 minuteren and 25 second ones for the ambiatori.

This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.