(turtle of common moss )



Order: Testudines
Sottordine: Cryptodira
Family: Emydidiae
Kind: Sternotherus



Sternotherus odoratus one of the devout small aquatic turtles of the America north, the adult females do not exceed 14cm and the males the 10cm.
Sternotherus from the supplied Greek stenon cassae thairos hinge for the scuti of the piastrone of hinges.
Odoratus Latin word that it means to have a odore, this name, must to two glands placed under the ponticello between carapace and the piastrone that if lanimale annoyed emits a yellowish liquid with a pungente odore that holds far the eventual predators, this its peculiarit pressoch to scompare, when raised in cattivit.
This prettamente aquatic turtle, but not unabile nuotatrice for the devout ones takes a walk sul deep of small smalls lake or in every case in places with firm water trying food.
Although their small dimension above all the males are much aggressive.
Tight Carapace and much arch of color streaked brown olive with of the black marcature, often covered of alghe, from here its name turtle of moss. The piastrone small with of the skin between scuti yellowish color or the brown. The appuntito snout and usually appears two strisce yellow to sides large and black eyes, the short tail much in the females little devout large and stocky in the males who finish with a dulled corneous nail.



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This turtle pu to find itself from the Ontario lago in Canada until to the devout course dacqua of Florida and to the west from the Wisconsin until to Texas.

  Area of distribution


Habits in nature

As gi said the Sternotherus an aquatic turtle and very rarely pushes itself allasciutto, only in the season of the reproduction. And unabile huntress and passes long periods sottacqua and this makes that its carapace covers itself of alghe and moss that lanimale takes advantage of for being invisibile to the prede and the predators, this qualit due to the fact that sottacqua slows down its metabolism until reducing the oxygen consumption to 1/8 of that one used outside dallacqua.
In the warm season, like all the rectums them, they love to crogiolarsi to the sun on log submergeeed seeds, but they are also skillful scalatori and they are pushed also on coppers high of the trees in river to the rivers, thanks to the piastrone tightened have one large mobilit of legs and that ago lanimale pu to scramble up until to unaltezza of 2m.

Diet in nature

This turtle has nocturnal habits with its great eyes has a good vision to the buio, onnivora but, it preprefers animal unalimentazione, small fish, eggs or larve dinsetti acquati to us, granchi and gamberi of river they are the preferred foods me to times nutre also of aquatic plants.


The courtship pu to happen also devout times lanno but the peak in spring.
Like all the aquatic turtles, the courtship dance also happens in water and cos laccoppiamento.
The female depositer the eggs, from 2 to 5, in common nests with other turtles on the sides of the rivers or lagos where they live.
The determination of the sex, like for many rectums them employee from the temperature dincubazione that durer from the 9 to the 12 weeks.
The small will be born perci from August to November to second of the latitude of where they live. Their sexual maturation much fast one from the 2 to the 4 years and can living a maximum of 54 years.

Breeding in cattivit

Lacquario for this type of turtle, data its limited dimensions, must be minimal of 50x30 cm but with unampia scaldata dry zone from a lamp spot so that the external temperature is of approximately 30.
This area of basking must easy be raggiungibile with a rampa that these turtles leave from the bottom perch are not skillful nuotatrici, but prefers to walk on the bottom, other habit of these rectums them that one to hide in small gorges submergeeed for the hunting, for this would be useful to construct one small submergeeed cove where lanimale it can hide.
Obviously the level dellacqua does not have to be high, but such for which lanimale pu to breathe touching with posterior legs the bottom, between 8cm and the 12cm..
The optimal temperature dellacqua between the 23 and the 25 with a thermal excursion between night and day of 2 or 3 degrees.
For the filtering they are worth the seen rules gi for the other aquatic turtles; limpianto an Aquarius with 50 liters must be overdimensioned regarding the real liters of the bathtub in four the minimal measure of one to as an example dacqua must have a filter for bathtubs from 200 liters, and beyond to a good filtering he advises to a frequent, every change partial 2 or 3 days with extolled water.
Like for all the rectums them dobbligo linstallazione of a lamp UVA-B that helps the dellanimale metabolism to synthetize the D3 vitamin and the formation of a sturdy one carapace.
Linserimento of aquatic plants pu to be useful perch, as gi said, the Sternotherus loves to hide and the plants help the filtering.
The better thing the construction than a small lake for summery breeders, also not particularly large.

Diet in breeding

Sternotherus and rectums them onnivoro but small fish preprefer foods animals therefore lumachine, lombrichi, bugs are the preferred diet, even if it does not scorn also aquatic plants.
Foods in pellet floating are not indicate perch these animals to you could have difficolt to recognize them like food, prefer, in fact, to feed itself rovistando between is known on the bottom.
Lalimentazione with alimony deeps freeze to you would have to be integrated with vitaminici complexes perch the freezing process destroys to the vitamin and profit for the increase of the turtle.
Given the large one voracit of the sternotherus easy sovranutrirlo. An adult copy would have to eat every two days instead for the young devout exemplary advised every day unalimentazione.


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