The domestic rape that is found in commerce belongs to the species Rattus Norvegicus, different from the wild rape (Rattus Rattus) for the greater dimensions, tondeggianti snout and devout orecchie, and sure for the friendly and calm nature devout.

In spite of the sad reputation that it accompanies it, the rape pu to be a fantastic domestic animal: extremely intelligent and faithful, as well as that it learns to recognize its name, pu to be trained to execute exercises of agility like the dogs, it loves the company of the persons and one becomes attached to its landladies.

Moreover, not true that the rape an animal dirt: it is washed like and devout of a cat, and if it comes held its odore well, also in the males, the much less annoying one than that one - as an example - of the rats.


The rapes are substantially onnivori animals.

The way devout simple in order to supply an feeding of complete base, that one of giving on purpose of the food premanifactured made for rapes - draft of pellettati specific, seeds and ribbons of cereals - to which adding to fresh fruit and verdura (very washed!).

Noticed that the food for criceti not adapted to the rapes, perch contains too many seeds (fat too much) and little other elements nourished to you.

Beside the diet of base, possible to give also bread, biscotti, paste (raw and cooked), etc.

The rapes can practically eat small quantit of every thing that eat the men, comprised the chocolate, than not harmful like for dogs and cats. Moreover, siccome their teeth are in continuous increase, not there not even the decay danger.

Obviously, dates to your rapes foods do not damage to you, not exaggerated with proteins (meat, cheese, eggs, etc. they contain proteins that in excessive doses are accumulateed in the liver and in the long run problems) and avoided also foods can procurare the much salati and liquirizia, that it raises the pressure.


The cures of the cage are not too much impegnative: you clean up the "apartments" of your rapes every day from the residual ones of perishable foods (yields and verdura), changed every two days approximately the rags that you will supply in order to sleep (the rapes often urinano in the place where they sleep, and the males mark with the urine their territories, perci I find sconsigliabile to supply of the paper in order to make the nest, while I prefer of plush or cloth pieces, that they smell less and they wash themselves easy).

The rapes are animals educate to you: if supplied a full cassette of sabbia/lettiera for cats, will alone learn to use it, especially for I made them.

Changed to every day the water, possibly using, beyond to a vaschetta, in which the rapes will love to bathe legs, also a birdcage tray to drop, than to always supply clean water.

Approximately once every one or two months, washed with warm water and soap all the games, cucce and the accessories; disinfected all every so often.


E' a lot adviced against to leave of the rapes with whichever type of domestic animal, but truly exceptional cases.

Large devout animals, like cats, dogs, and ferrets, could consider them one preda and hurt them seriously. Even if they can be found on Internet of the photos of rapes with to dogs or cats, draft situations always held under tightened surveillance from part of the masters, and docile and obedient animals much.

With small devout animals, like the topini, there the risk that the rape can consider they one preda, and fargli of the evil.

Animals of similar ransom, but of nature much pacific, like rabbits, guinea-pigs, cincill and similar, could be maltratta to you from the rapes, than, playing, they chase them and they torment them.


No breeding to signal
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The reproduction

To 3 months mature sexually and pu riprodursi all the year arriving to 7 broods with average of 10 puppys for brood, are necessary 21 days of gestation and as many of allattamento.Come marked to the beginning the cape pu to be of vary colors to you that space from the white man to the dark brown from the gray to the senape.Come for criceti the average life of 3 years.


The rape an animal much intelligent one, and therefore has need of much space and of games with which passing the time, perch the saying "mens heals in healthy corpore" is worth also for the animals, and a depressed and bored subject, beyond to being much little interesting and amusing, devout subject to become ill itself.

The experts estimate that for every rape a space of 60x30x30cm (two feet is necessary cubes). Moreover, lively advised to allow ai to rapes a po' of libert outside they give it to every cage day, in way that can curiosare and svagarsi.

  The cage does not have to be exposed to airflows, however it wants sure a air reciprocation to us,   perci advisable a cage of wire (to meshes tightened enough), large and supplied of shelves, hammocks, tubes, wood to rosicchiare and   rags where to hide, etc. It is in order to render devout the pulizia comfortable, is in order to avoid the risk of infections to legs, best to cover the shelves of metallic net with of the linoleum or analogous material.

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