The nails of the dog grow tall in the same measure in which they are consumed to contact with the ground. Such usury when only lanimale verification completes an adapted exercise of motion and walks on hard lands; but if it leads salottiera life mostly and one moves on cedevoli lands, the nails grow to excess and incurvano on if same with the consequence of one annoying penetration in the meat of the polpastrello. In cases of the sort lanimale it suffers intensely every qualvolta it supports the foot and it proceeds zoppicando to hard work. Therefore Nails go periodically controlled and, when they are sproporzionate, they must be shortened.  

In order to establish If the nails are long, fairies to go up lanimale on the plan of a table: if the nails touch, without possibilit of doubt, the table, goes shortened.  

For the cut of nails you use of a tronchesina much sturdy one and very cutting perch, species in the dogs of large size, lunghia opposes one remarkable shear strength.  

Before explaining as it goes carried out the cut of nails it is necessary to make some precisazione anatomical. Lunghia appears like one risen of corneous cone, of different dimensions to second of the dellanimale ransom; allinterno it mails a carnosa part, so-called polpa dellunghia, the rich one of is gone blood and of nervous distributions, than it does not catch up lestremit free of the corneous part but some millimeter is arrested before. During the cut, attention therefore to amputate only the part in excess, making in way not to hurt linterno carnoso dellunghia. If the dog has nails white women loperazione turns out enough easy, perch the easy individualistic part alive externally for the rosata coloritura, while the black nails render devout arduous limpresa.  


In order to characterize the just line of cut it is necessary to know that ununghia of normal length when it does not surpass the tangent plan to the surface of support of the polpastrello. This surface corresponds exactly to the part of polpastrello to contact with the ground; if we support to it a cartoncino rigid sar to cut to that portion of said nail that sorpasser cartoncino. naturally preferibile to shorten less lunghia of a millimeter rather than than a millimeter too much. Before completing loperazione you assess that lambiente sufficiently it is illuminated and you demand an assistant who assignments to immobilize the dellanimale snout. You hold raised the foot serving you of the left hand while with the right appealled lapposito instrument. In the malaugurato case of an alive cut on dellunghia, expectable that lanimale accuser a sure pain and that from the wounded part goccioler one not negligible quantit of blood. You do not alarm yourselves: this hemorrhage is arrested easy making use of a cauterizzatore electrical worker or devout simply of a common screwdriver heated to the fire and supported for a moment on the cut.