testudo hermanni

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The Testudo hermanni one southern original testuggine dellEuropa (the Balkans, Italy, southern France). It lives in one large variet of atmospheres, forests, prati, pendii empty


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Like distinguishing it

The characterized Testudo hermanni from a carapace strongly convex, along in kind until 25 cm, of yellow or tawny color with black designs.

E' possible to distinguish it from the European others 2 testuggini (Testudo graeca, marginata Testudo) based on characteristic following:

  • to difference of the Testudo graeca, the Testudo hermanni has the part finishes them of the tail protect from a corneous sheath, like illustrated in the following photography

  • it does not have to sides of the tail the characteristic spurs of the Testudo graeca;

  • it introduces in kind 2 sopracaudali plates, to difference of the only characteristic sopracaudale plate of the marginata Testudo and the Testudo graeca

  • it catches up to maximum i 25 cm of length, against i 30 cm of Testudo graeca and i 40 cm of the marginata Testudo

  • the carapace characterized from one clear coloration devout regarding the European others two species

coda hermanni (13 Kb)

Corneous Lastuccio and the 2 sopracaudali plates of the Testudo hermanni


greco (32 kb)

Absence of corneous sheath and 1 sopracaudale plate of the Testudo graeca.
In evidence the spur on the thigh


If your testuggine a Testudo hermanni, you will be able to then discover which Subspecies it belongs; 2 subspecies of Testudo exist in fact hermanni:

  • Testudo hermanni hermanni, the western subspecies;
  • Testudo hermanni boettgeri, the subspecies orients them;

In order to distinguish them it is necessary to estimate various characteristics:

  • the aspect of the carapace: the Testudo hermanni boettgeri less introduces a carapace bitorzoluto and convex with green-yellowish coloration; the characterized Testudo hermanni hermanni instead from one shining coloration devout
  • the piastrone: in the Testudo hermanni hermanni they are present on piastrone the two black bands very defined; in the Testudo hermanni boettgeri these bands less are defined and continuous
  • the dimensions: the Testudo hermanni hermanni catches up to maximum i 15-20 cm of length, while the large Testudo hermanni boettgeri devout and pu to arrive until 25 cm
  • the relationship between it sutura chest strap (indicated in red in the following figure) and sutura it femoral (indicated in green): in the testudo hermanni hermanni, it sutura short chest strap devout of sutura femoral, while in the Testudo hermanni boettgeri, this greater relationship of one.

testudo hermanni hermanni (17 kb)

Piastrone of one the boettgeri Testudo hermanni hermanni and one Testudo hermanni: sutura femoral (in green) devout long of sutura chest strap in the Testudo hermanni hermanni, while in the Testudo hermanni boettgeri the contrary happens. You notice moreover the difference between the black bands.

Exemplary pertaining to the two subspecies can be coupled with happening, for which many exemplary, fruits of repeated crossings, introduce characteristics of both the subspecies and turn out difficult to classify them.


One small of THB and one small of born THH the same day: you notice the difference of dimensions


The males distinguish themselves from the females for:

  • the inguinal plates: in the male they form an angle much open (obtuse) to their joint; to the contrary the females introduce an angle of approximately 90.

  • the tail: devout long and wide

  • the dimensions: the males are devout small of the females

  • the piastrone: in the males concave

coda maschio (16 Kb)      coda femmina (12 Kb)

Tail of a male and tail of one female

In the small, until the 4 years of ET, not easy to determine the sex and in kind R-all'.apertura of the inguinal plates and to the dimensions of the tail is made reference.


ET of the young devout turtles pu to be calculated counting the lines of
increase of the corneous plates on the carapace: to every line of increase phase of increase of the animal corresponds one.
However, after a little years, the corneous plates can get ruined or being
replaced, for which a precise method does not exist in order to calculate ET of
adult alive exemplary.


The Testudo hermanni is mainly erbivore, but nutrono also of invertebrates and excrements.

The ideal temperature of the Testudo hermanni of 20-30C. During the spring and lautunno the testuggini they love to heat itself to the sun; during lestate are active to the mattino and in the late afternoon, in the warm devout hours are sheltered in ombrosi places.
Between November and March they go in letargo in holes dug in the land.

eva (21 Kb)       tarta (29 kb)

Two boettgeri females of Testudo hermanni


The connections happen during all the period of attivit and are enough cruenti. The male chases the female, he repeatedly bites it on legs and he hits it with the armor. During lamplesso the male it emits long "fiib".
Above all in this period the males fight often between they biting legs and hitting themselves with the armor. Aggressivit of some males towards other males or females pu to cause not only wounded but also dangerous conditions of stress.

Between May and July the females place, also devout times, from 3 to 10 eggs in holes that it digs in the land in 2-3 hours. For the schiusa 90 days are in kind necessary.

Some exemplary also after some years of cattivit remain mistrustful in the comparisons of the man, while others, above all if been born in cattivit, are approached the man spontaneously and they are repaired also to the inside of the rooms.

The main predators are the dogs, the rapes and the rapaci.

rocco e camillo (30 Kb)        gruppo (26 Kb)  

Some Testudo hermanni boettgeri



One Testudo hermanni boettgeri albino and one Testudo hermanni hermanni
(photographies kindly granted from Ursula and Felice)


A ibera Testudo graeca and a crossing between a Testudo graeca and a marginata Testudo (photographies kindly granted from Ursula and Felice)