Chelydra coil

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The common name of Turtle azzannatricela says long on its alimentary habits and on its voracit even if second some author, would accept sometimes also feeds vegetables beside fish, frogs, girini, birds and mammalian small acquati us of which habitually nutre. Pu to catch up one nearly lungezza half meter with thirty and devout chili of corporeo weight!


It belongs to the family Chelydridae, sottordine Cryptodira. Hunting to the ambush, but does not scorn, if necessary, to chase its prede or to lay a trap them with one maneuver of approach to mo' of crocodile. Not infrequent the cannibalism still devout in cattivit if various exemplary are raises to you in tight and/or too much overcrowded paludari. Preda also testuggini of various kind that attacks in the parts not protect. It goes handled with extreme caution perch its bites can have series consequences also for the man, above all if adult exemplary are raised. Azzannatrice L ' wide diffused in the continent American, from Canada to the south America western north comprised immense zones of the USA; if at least four various subspecies know some.


In cattivit small emerged zone has need of a wide paludario (at least a meter for 60 cm) with one. Only the young exemplary however are adapted for a domestic container. To the adults a pond to the open would go classified in which riprodursi can. Ciascuna female places a great egg number (also 80) between the spring and the late summer, digging one deep hole one score of centimeters. The small are born between 9 and 18 weeks after, in relation to the temperature. To times the small can svernare in the nest and exit in surface in the successive spring.


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Pu to be nourished with whichever food of animal origin (carne), purch above all substantial and in large quantit.