Testudo graeca

Classification Class Straight them, Cheloni order, Testudinidi family
Dimensions Long 30 cm to the maximum
Geographic distribution Southern Europe, North Africa and south-western Asia

The Greek turtle, that it exists in several breeds geographic, is similar the turtle of Hermann very; indeed, until approximately 30 years ago they came considered like pertaining to the same species. The Greek turtle loves lands buckets and full of rocks and also the roveti, it avoids for the too much driven in vegetation. This the devout ones perhaps known species from we. And vegetarian and preprefers the leaves greens, the fruits, and the stems of the legumi, but it at all does not scorn the earth worms, the snails and the small bugs.

Libernazione of the Greek turtle depends on the environmental conditions them and in hard kind six months, beginning to met autumn and finishing met to spring. Allincirca in the june month the female places approximately twelve eggs that schiudono in autumn and di.le which not cure.

The small that are born measure 4 centimeters approximately and are similar to the adults. It has a carapace yellowish, with dark spots on the plates centers them; the piastrone yellowish or dark. This turtle comes commonly put in raised commerce and in the garden.


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The Greek turtle differs from the turtle of Hermann for having a single one shells sopracaudale and for having two tubercoli conical corneas on posterior sides of thighs. In the turtle of Hermann there are instead two sopracaudali plates. Questultima species alive in Greece, in the Balkans, nellItalia centers them and southern, in Sardinia and the Iberian peninsula, beyond that in several islands of the Mediterranean; pu living devout of one hundred years and, similarly to the Greek turtle, pu to raise itself with facilit.