ORIGIN: USSR (region of Stavopol).
From 1,45 m to 1, 55 m.
It is found in prevalence in the tonalit of the bay gray, but to times also and sauro.
Character: Docile, kind E' and, poich equipped of the good intelligence, learns with facilit.
Physicist: We have three types of Tersk: the light one, the mean and the heavy one. It has a light head and fair, with a rectilinear profile, eyes and orecchie are attention and furnish. The long and noble neck, finishes with sturdy shoulders. It has a rather pronounced garrese, long back and powerful kidneys. The strong and very muscolosa rump. The tail, with high junction, capacity with fierezza. The limbs are long and thin, with a sturdy skeleton. The foot, not particularly large, of good consistency.


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The origins of the Tersk are found again in the race of the Streletsk Russian (than in realt he was an Anglo-Arab with predominanza of Arabic blood, intercrossed with blood Kabardin, Don and Purosangue), a race that in 1925 seemed by now in via of extinction. In the attempt of preservarla the last exemplary they were ricoverati near the breeding of Tersk, to Stavopol, where they came couples so as to to obtain optimal subjects to you actions to the steeple-chase. The race of the Tersk officially was recognized in 1948 when the official opening of the race book had place. Currently it comes considered a horse for the job in plan, than pu not to compete for velocit with the Purosangue, but it competes with the Arabs in the contests of resistance and the steeple-chase. E' also an excellent cavalcatura from dressage and circus, where it comes very appreciated for its beauty and its elegance.

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