tartarughe testudo horsfieldi


Order: Cheloni


Kazakistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and China


This species takes also to the turtle name Afghan or turtle of the steppe or Russian turtle. It has the piastrone that it goes from the yellow-gold to the brown, with of the dark spots to the center of the plates. Draft of a land testuggine much small, the adult males measures in fact 11-13cm, while the females 14-16cm.


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Breeding in cattivit

And preferibile to raise this species allaperto, also as far as the alimentary habits, loves in fact to nourish itself of flowers and it chooses them between those present ones in garden, sar therefore opportune to plant of much species (making attention that they are not injurious). In garden they will have to be present of the shelters in which the testuggine it can be allombra, and that there are also of cliffs, is well in order to render lambiente devout and interesting varied, than in order to prevent them to dig in every place. These testuggini dig incredible tunnels and often they collaborate between they in order to accelerate the job! If c a zone of the garden which the testuggini they have not approached, well that for they it is impossible to see it (by means of unalta recinzione or of the large bushes plants to you in is gone approaches to you), otherwise not to succeed to catch up it sar large cause of stress.

To disposition of the testuggine sistemer also a low container with 1-2cm dacqua and good norm to make to take a bath them weekly, seems in fact that they are little tilts to sguazzare in water, for which will be we to bathe them periodically. C to emphasize that this species absolutely does not tolerate the humid cold (for she the main cause of respiratory diseases), therefore to second of the zone in which is lived goes considered if it is better to raise it in a great space allinterno (however to carry it well in any case allinterno during the periods of rain). The adequate temperature goes from the 22C to the 27C, with peaks of also 32C under the spot-lamp (or in the warm point devout in which it strikes the sun).

And a lot important to make to make the letargo in a dry place where the temperature does not come down to the disotto of the 4 large ones and does not go up over the 10 degrees. For this reason, useful sar a filled up of leaves sand banks and put large box in a premises, often a wine cellar, with the temperatures as soon as cited.


Draft of a species prettamente vegetarian, therefore goes nourished with lattuga, indivia, radicchio, broccoli, cauliflower, sedano, petals of roses and other flowers like gerani, petunie etc (often chooses i flowers that are found in garden based on the color that prefers). Many breeders support that it is better not to somministrare fruit perch could cause them digestive problems. Opportune Sar to somministrare a mineral-vitaminico integrator (containing D3 and, soccer vitamin) to stir to the alimony, exists some is in powder that in drops (in order to bring soccer pu also spolverizzare dellosso of small cuttlefish grattugiato on the alimony).

. Maturit sessuale

It places from one to five eggs, in different moments, that schiudono in a pair of months. If he possesses himself devout of a copy, preferibile to have a male with 2 or 3 females, or for having a po of competition and stimulating lattivit of the testuggini, 2 males and 5 females can themselves be held.

* based on the CITES (Convention of Washington on the international commerce of the species of fauna and flora the birth and the death in cattivit threatened of extinction) obligatory to denounce the possession (nonch) to the offices of the State Forestry Corps as far as the species protect, to the aim to safeguard of lestinzione and to regulate of the commerce.

tartarughe testudo horsfieldi

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