ORIGIN: Holland
Height: It arrives until 1,63 m.
CAPE: The frequent color devout the sauro, but is found also bay, gray and, to times, morello.
Character: Much calm cake has a temperament and. Sure, volenteroso E' in the job and has one exceptional resistance.
Physicist: Thin head has one, in contrast with the strong one and arch incollatura. The eyes are distant and with one intelligent look. The front ones are powerful, the little pronounced garrese. The body massive and near the land, poich the limbs are short. The posterior kidneys and quarters are many muscolosi. E' a great massive horse of good constitution, heavy and imposing. E' a subject extremely strongly and equipped of one exceptional resistance. The sailing points are straight and soft.


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This race, that it has mostly Belgian origin, of recent origin. In fact it is born approximately average century makes from an old horse of the Zelanda. This subject was much similar one to the Brabantino and, in minimal measure, to the Ardennese, with which be intercrossed. In 1914 the "Real Societ of the Dutch Horses from Shooting" was founded, than, in 1925, eman one series of restrictions in order to conserve the purity of this race. Still today the conservation of the qualit and the purity of the stirpe is watched scrupulously, and exists a stood-book special for the horses that have caught up large qualit physical in the maturit.

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