"I and my moglie we loved it as a son and today we would want ringraziar it for what it has made for we". Paul Ambrosino, a conductor cinofilo of the Police of State, speaks about its dog and connects devout Tito that today not c, but that for he be an inseparable companion of job and life.

The dog, been born in Hungary, comes in Italy to single 7 months for being enlisted. After to have last the selections he prepares himself for the first course of judiciary police knowing its first and only conductor Paul.
He begins cos, in 1995, its shining career of dog policeman in which distinguished devout times winning numerous prizes between which that international of "Fedelt of the dog" and that one of Unit cinofila dellanno (in 2000).
But Tito has above all donated much affection and love to who knew it and its pap Paul has written to us in order to express the immense pain that door in the heart for the passing of its dog demonstrating also the strong tie that creates between the dogs policemen and their conductors. In order to become cinofili conductors in fact, beyond to the preroom and to other physical dowries, he serves a fundamental requirement: lamore and the respect for the dog. To the cinofili Center training of Neptune appreciated Tito always be loved and and also in the last years of its life, when it had the paralyzed posterior legs, "it had become the idolo of the children and disabili persons".

To tell its history for we unoccasione in order ringraziare, with to he, also all the others 243 dogs cinofili policeman of the Unit of the Police of State for limportante job that they carry out beside theirs friend-connect.

The disease
In March of the 2004 - in the course of regulating service to the stage - Tito it came hit from stones, soccer and blows of stick in the course of the crashs between happened tifosi and police in occasion of the derby to the Olympic one. The dog riport numerous hurt in all the body but the lesions to the dorsal thorn changed its life definitively: it begins zoppicare until losing the use of posterior legs. Although two operations the only solution was to equip it of a carrellino of titanium with which it returns to run, to play.
During a visit of bearers of handicap to the school of Neptune Tito, with its carrellino, colp the attention of all supplying to the children and the persons on wheelchair an unthinkable psychological support. The Center divenne cos goal of institutes for disabili that came from all Italy but the disease of 3 Tito was left over and slid salted October "in sky and with he says Paul - if one of the rich and interesting devout pages of the devout center cinofilo of Neptune and the beautiful one of my life goes some".



After the training course where to the final examination first qualification, to equal merit with an other unit cinofila, Tito comes assigned with to cinofili Paolino to the Detachment of Genoa. Here one specializes in the search of persons passings.

After numerous services of public order to disposition of the main police headquarters of the North and the Center a day door a.termine with succeeding the search of a old dispersed in the forests of the entroterra from Liguria. Its ritrovamento, to which press and televisions they gave wide prominence, the door to obtain the international prize "Fedelt of dog" 1997.

. Grazie al suo fiuto fu selezionato, in seguito, per la ricerca di sostanze stupefacenti e psicotrope. It allowed in the course of the years to complete numerous drug seizures and its job port a prestigious acknowledgment: it was elect "Unit cinofila of 2000".

Tito thanks to its sympathy participates also to numerous television transmissions between which the Good Sunday, Sunday in, One Morning and the directed life in. Its beauty and its sweet character unnoticed neanche to some directors who allow it to begin also one actor career: it takes part to some heading of District of Police and to other police films.

In spite of everything, it continues to being the beautiful moment devout for the children in sight to the center of Police of Neptune who also put themselves in row of having one photo with he. Meant of that encounter they testify it numerous designs made from the children and sendes you to the Center perch were delivered to the dog: Tito often was represented like a super-hero.

. 11/11/2005 articolo inviato da Ambrosino Paolo