ORIGIN: Germany, Polonia.
Height: From 1,60 m to 1,63 m.
CAPE: It is introduced in all the determined colors.
Character: E' a kind subject, much assets, intelligent and loyal towards the master.
Physicist: Head has one montanina, with wide forehead, distant eyes, narici furnitures and long orecchie. The strong and enough long incollatura. The shoulders are good. The garrese, rather pronounced, anticipates one strong back, of medium length. The wide thorax and the posterior quarters are very muscolosi. The limbs are thin and hard. The feet are excellently strong and sturdy. The sailing points are melted and straight. Best the Trakehner is of the optimal subjects from jump obstacles.


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The race of the Trakehner, is born in the omonima citt, than it was found then in the Prussica Orients them. This citt was founded in the 1732 from the king Federo Guglielmo of Prussica and l nacque a breeding, than currently of belongings of the Polish ministry of Agriculture. Continued L the breeding of the Trakehner, where they were enriched with Arabic blood and of purosangue. From the Second World war this race comes raised also from private in Germany.

This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.