Triturus alpestris , Amphibious Classification Class , Urodeli order

Salamandridi family

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Contrarily that it could make to believe its name us, this trito some it does not live alone in the Alps, but diffused also in other zones of Italy and Europe it centers them and western of type to collinare. Predilige the waters calm of the ponds and the rivers with currents weak people; even if pu to meet itself in other atmospheres, these have in always common a remarkable degree of umidit and a vegetation much fitta.Questa species of trito some has beautiful colors much: the skin, smooths down fine or granular, in the blue male or violetta with dark spots and punctuations, especially on the flanks where one runs wraps clear. Ithas tail that compressed to sides, long nearly how much the body. The main characteristic of the species consists for in the possession the skin the ventre deprives of dark spots, at least in the median line. In the period of the reproduction the male has one crest dor it knows them yellow and black not indented; this crest is lowered always devout towards the tail that compressed on sides and relatively much long one. Also the female has one various wedding livery but La species of trito some to the present pine with numerous little different subspecies between of they. diffused from the plain until approximately 3000 meters on the sea level. L ' connection in the alpine trito one soon has place a lot during the year, in kind in March or opens them: the male places in prossimit of the cloaca of the female spermatoforo (cio a bag that contains the spermatozoa) that the same female collects then with the cloaca; devout late the eggs come placed in the water and fixed to it knows itself or to plants. After approximately three weeks the larve schiudono: they are devout long of those of frogs and rospi and have lateral zones lacking in spots.


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Dimensions Long 8-11 cm

Geographic distribution Europe