( Cynops orientalis )


Class: Amphibia
order : Caudata
: Salamandridae


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. Il Cynops orientalis one of the urodeli devout I am diffused in Italy and allestero. Of easy breeding, of simple reproduction, to a price nearly ridicule (usually under the 10 for an adult), but nearly always or always of capture.

It comes from far China and Japan; pu to find itself in hill and high mountain to ridosso of ponds, streams with little current or lagos.

Natural habitat of the Cynops orientalis, taken photo to Houay Sang Kat

Knowing hour its natural habitat easy to understand like having lodged to house ours.

For a beautiful small group, cos potr to even try the reproduction, it is advised to make to lodge just them in a true Aquarius and at least 50Lt.

Dellacquario Lallestimento, devout corrected to call it terracquario, much simple one, but must be respected by force of the small rules.

The substrate pu to be composed from great silicea gravel (in order to avoid internal occlusions) or pu to opt themselves also in order to leave I found them free from every thing, compromising po a beauty dellinsieme. Not to use the sand absolutely: it avoids it to you perch could carry to the dead women in short time your exemplary.

Once decided for like making I found them dovr to begin itself to think next to the vegetation that dovr to be a po particular.

Particular perch the accommodated plants will have sopportare also temperatures many lowlands, therefore we will go to insert Ceratophyllum demersum and dense Egeria.

These two plants that grow enough in a hurry also will have to be left to float in surface creating cos one visiona enough natural.

If the possibilit is not had of reperire these two plants can try with devout common the Microsorium pteropus, Anubias, Cryptocoryne wendtii even if sopportano very well the low temperatures.

If we have possibilit to go in a stream to take a po of Fontinalis to. it also makes it you, in how much a plant that comes very appreciate from the tritoni.

Limportante to cover a lot of the aquatic surface with the floating plants.

Avoided the tropical plants in how much moriranno to you to short time.

Sul I found them will have to be gone to arrange also at least a pair of hiding places, the number changes second degli exemplary accommodates to you, that we can gain from is gone of coccio routes to met making attention not to leave cutting chines or how many other dangers.

Example of zone emerged with driven in vegetation

Important attention dovr lend itself to create one zone emerged in way to give possibilit to these urodeli to outside exit dallacqua to they piacimento.

Pu to create in various ways the emerged zone. Floating cork pieces, woods of torbiera generally used in acquariofilia can be used, great true stones or and just portions of sterilized earth using of the torba.

I council to use of several cork pieces for reasons: they are many economic, they are much light, they can be modeled to our piacimento.

The torbiera woods if them it is wanted to be used must have a po of patience.

You will notice that when you will put them in water, the ingialliranno ones in the course of little hours, until making it to become torbid. You do not scare yourselves, these woods rilasciano of the acids that have of the powers antibacterials (and for) but that they have the capacit to acidify lacqua (and against). How to make then in order to use these woods without to acidify lacqua? Potr to opt itself with of the partial medium-hard water changes (like that one of the aqueducts of ours citt) and carrying patience perch lingiallimento dellacqua durer for very many time.

The great stones are many profits, but it must place attention to theirs stabilit, avoiding cos that they can crush the hosts.

The zone emerged created with the torba instead a po difficult to manage in how much dovr to create one species of step between emerged zone and aquatic zone avoiding cos one landslide of torba nellacqua. Moreover the torba it could give life to mildews, fungi and other dysfunctions therefore if you decide to use it, you remember yourselves to sterilize it in a furnace.

Many urodeli when it equips to they of the torba stretch to bury themselves therefore to times become a po difficult to feed them.

View of a terracquario dallalto

After to have prepared the terracquario, dovr to provide itself to the water filling.

I Cynops orientalis they are adapted to many varying, but I council to hold the maximum level dellacqua of ten centimeters of profondit.   Difference of the fish, these amphibians do not ask waters with specific values, above all the Kh not a lot important. For having dellacqua perfect for they it must have a Ph that varies to the maximum between the 6,5 and the 7,5: neutral or leggermente acid.

As saying allinizio is tritoni that they live to enough high quotas, therefore they are not tropical animals even if you even see in the storees with riscaldatori or other diavolerie to them. The optimal temperature for they is gone around around the 22C 24C.

Pu to be understood when too much warm c for they also from their behavior, in fact they stretch to become devout earthlings and they pass little possible time in water. Aroused a problem to maintain these temperatures, but we can resolve having po of inventiveness spending little moneies. For who it has a single bathtub convene to apply of the small impellers for the CPU of the PC to put under the cover of the bathtub so as to to make to cool a po laria and lacqua. To who it has many bathtubs convene to buy an air conditioner and to cool all directly the room. Who has instead a devout wine cellar the lucky person eheh!

Cynops orientalis in tries of food

To feed these small tritoncini much simple one and too much does not demand particular foods. They eat po of all and all reperibile in storees of hunting and peach or the storees of acquarofilia.

The food base is pezzettini of lombrichi cuts to proporzionata dimension to their testolina. Beyond to the lombrichi it must be integrated their diet with chironomus and dept freeze artemie, not dategli the frozen-dry one that like if they did not eat null.

The chironomus they are of the larve of black mosquito and the artemia they are of the small crustaceans.

The frozen food must come scongelato in a barattolino with lacqua of the bathtub and then left to fall in bathtub otherwise we will carry to the dead women the exemplary that will eat the frozen food.

We can also supply they of the crickets, of the flies cw (particular flies that they have of the folded wings avoiding cos they to fly). The food like the small pieces of lombrico, crickets and the flies we can also offer them with of the pliers, with of the rods for spiedini or if we have confidenza we can enough dargli eat with our hands, avoiding cos to soil lacqua.

Who does not want to give the food by hand pu to help ligiene dellacqua using a smallest filter regulated to the minimal power.

Useless to say that they will have to come removed all the food remainders he does not eat to you.

Previously I have advised to use large gravel to grain perch these tritoncini have labitudine to try the food rovistando between I found them, and when they find some aspire, risking cos to inhale also small pietrine.

These are the bases in order to begin a good breeding, if you have other doubts or questions, can easy use Forum , where the answers will not be late to arrive.

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