Origin: Wales
Height: It never does not exceed 1,32 m.
Cape: Every type of cape is found, but above all gray, sauro and sauro burnt. It does not exist in the variet of the pezzato one.
Character: E' a pony full of energy, brave, much generous one and with an enviable resistance.
Physicist: It introduces the same characteristics of the Welsh Cob, but light conformation has one devout. It has one beautiful head, fair, with distant eyes and orecchie to tip. The long and noble incollatura, capacity from powerful shoulders. The sturdy and vigorous back, the wide and very muscoloso chest. The strong rump and door one tail with high junction. The limbs are strong. The nodelli they are adorns from abundant hair forelocks to you.


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A time the Welsh Pony of type C was a lot demanded for the attack and, as a result of the advent of the automobile, was afraid for its existence. Fortunately there was the fashion of the vacations in roulotte, and cos it has been able to maintain is the qualit is the quantit of its subjects. Its sturdy constitution concurs with the adults to mount it without too many rimorsi and its sweet character and of untiring worker of it makes a subject ideal in order lend itself to the requirements of the accidental visitors that o in Wales in order to pass vacations to the opened air, to counted with the nature. In order to conclude the understood one it approximately breeds the Welsh, we cite the first one stud-book, than laughed them to 1902, that it explains in way many simple in what these pony are distinguished from the others: "numerous and various types of Welsh and Cob Exist: the type originates them of the sturdy small and mountain; pony a po' devout large that they live to inferior altitudes, those that rassomigliano devout to the type cob and finally to the large one cob. Much various for aspect and ransom, all have for a familiar air and melted and decided sailing points ".

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