Origin: Wales
Height: From 1,40 m to 1,51 m.
Cape: Pu to find in all the variet with the various ones tonalit. Devout the common ones are the bay, the sauro burnt, morello and the roano. Pezzati exemplary are not found.
Character: He has a stable humor and a temperament that, generally, belongs to the pony. E' a lot enterprising, energetic and intelligent. E' one between the devout horses poured them in the job.
Physicist: He has one beautiful head, fair, with distant eyes and orecchie to tip. The long and noble incollatura, capacity from powerful shoulders. The sturdy and vigorous back, the wide and very muscoloso chest. The strong rump and door one tail with high junction. The limbs are strong. The nodelli they are adorns from abundant hair forelocks to you. The sailing points are melted and frank. To the trot the ginocchio all the front one must be folded and spread to leave from the shoulder, garretti the flessi under the body for giving one battered powerful. Energetic E' pony a much and vigorous one, from the sure struck one. He turns out a good jumper, a runner express, insomma a complete horse.


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The Welsh Cob, like its next relative devout the Welsh Mountain, been born in Wales. In the 1811 archduke of Brecon, Gerald de Bars incontr, during a travel in the district seed-Welshman of Powys, of the little horses that came down from wonderful Spanish horses that the conte of Shrewsbury, Robery di Bellesme, it had made to arrive in that region. Us that colp of those little horses it was the extraordinary physical preroom and the remarkable one velocit. Anthony Dent and Daphne Machin Goodall, in their work, explain com' were those the following animals with words: "Just the type of animal that a baron normanno could judge bond to import, also to beloved price. They were the ancestors of the famous Andalusian, anch' he ancestors of the Lipizzano puts into effect them, with the participation of the Neapolitan; moreover, from their union with fattrici Welsh Mountain, nacque the Welsh Cob that, under the name of "horse of Powys", had to supply many horses to the English army to leave from XII the century. In as far as theirs velocit sbalorditiva and to their imposing proportions, they are in realt relative attributes you, the first one in contrast with the slowness of the destrieri normanni, the second in contrast with pony the Welsh. But it is necessary to admit that the eufemismo not never be an error of style of Gerald ". In recent age devout, that is the period of the world wars, the Welsh Cob came used like pack-horse and from saddleback. Later on be intercrossed with the Purosangue in order to produce to bonds horses from hunting; moreover it has contributed to the creation of the Hackney race, Pony Fell and, above all, the trottatori. Currently this race comes employed in the sports from saddleback, in the contests of towing, the competitions and the extensions of presentation, diffuse contests much in the region of Wales.

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