Height: From 1,20 m to 1,30 m.
CAPE: Every type of cape is found, but above all gray, sauro and sauro burnt. It does not exist in the variet of the pezzato one.
Character: Full E' a pony of energy, tempered from the hard life on hills. Moreover intelligent and much brave one. For its docile temperament particularly adapted the boys.
Physicist: Small head has one, with Arabic profile. The narici are large, the eyes live and the orecchie to us many furnitures. The incollatura, long and elegant, harmoniously supported from just oblique shoulders. The short back and very designed, the wide thorax. The lengthened and harmonious posterior train. The garretti they are solid and very it designs to you. The attacked tail high and comes capacity with elegance. The feet are small. The sailing points, like for all the pony, fast, are melted and straight.


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E' one increased version of the Welsh Mountain Pony. Between its ancestors pu to boast the small stallone Purosangue Merlin, in its turn direct descendant of Darley Arabian, that it lived to the state brado in mountains of the county of Denbigh to the end of XVIII the century. From then the Pony Wlsh of the B type they took the name of "merlino". During the past century these pony were use you above all in order to carry out the job in the mines, transported heavy cargos from placed to you of coal to the pools of income of the galleries. In 1911 it came approved of an important reads that it regulated the hours of job that could carry out, trying cos to tire them little respect to others breeds engaged in the industry. From the Welsh Pony they come down important breeds like the Hackney, the Hack, the Pony Pole and others engaged in the equestri sports. Currently the diffused race devout between the young that practice the equitazione in the United States.

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