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GENERAL: the overall impression of the ideal Abyssinian would be a colorful cat with a distinctly ticked coat, medium in size and regal in appearance. The Abyssinian is lithe, hard and muscular, showing eager activity and a lively interest in all surroundings. Well balanced temperamentally and physically with all elements of the cat in proportion.


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HEAD: a modified, slightly rounded wedge without flat planes; the brow, cheek, and profile lines all showing a gentle contour. A slight rise from the bridge of the nose to the forehead, which should be of good size, with width between the ears and flowing into the arched neck without a break.

MUZZLE: not sharply pointed or square. The chin should be neither receding nor protruding. Allowance should be made for jowls in adult males.

EARS: alert, large, and moderately pointed; broad, and cupped at base and set as though listening. Hair on ears very short and close lying, preferably tipped with black or dark brown on a ruddy Abyssinian, chocolate-brown on a red Abyssinian, slate blue on the blue Abyssinian, or light cocoa brown on a fawn Abyssinian.

EYES: almond shaped, large, brilliant, and expressive. Neither round nor oriental. Eyes accentuated by fine dark line, encircled by light colored area.

BODY: medium long, lithe and graceful, but showing well developed muscular strength without coarseness. Abyssinian conformation strikes a medium between the extremes of the cobby and the svelte lengthy type. Proportion and general balance more to be desired than mere size.

LEGS and FEET: proportionately slim, fine boned. The Abyssinian stands well off the ground giving the impression of being on tip toe. Paws small, oval, and compact. Toes: five in front and four GO BACK TO LIST.

TAIL: thick at base, fairly long and tapering.

COAT: soft, silky, fine in texture, but dense and resilient to the touch with a lustrous sheen. Medium in length but long enough to accommodate two or three dark bands of ticking.

PENALIZE: off-color pads. Long narrow head, short round head. Barring on legs, dark broken necklace markings, rings on tail. Coldness or grey tones in the coat. White undercoat on blue or fawn Abyssinians.

DISQUALIFY: white locket, or white anywhere other than nostril, chin, and upper throat area. Kinked or abnormal tail. Dark unbroken necklace. Grey undercoat close to the skin extending throughout a major portion of the body. Any black hair on red Abyssinian. Incorrect number of toes. Any color other than the four accepted colors.


Coat color: warm and glowing. Ticking: distinct and even, with dark colored bands contrasting with lighter colored bands on the hair shafts. Undercoat color clear and bright to the skin. Deeper color shades desired, however intensity of ticking not to be sacrificed for depth of color. Darker shading along spine allowed if fully ticked. Preference given to cats UNMARKED on the undersides, chest, and legs; tail without rings. Facial Markings: dark lines extending from eyes and brows, cheekbone shading, dots and shading on whisker pads are all desirable enhancements. Eyes accentuated by fine dark line, encircled by light colored area. Eye color: gold or green, the more richness and depth of color the better.

RUDDY: coat ruddy brown (burnt-sienna), ticked with various shades of darker brown or black; the extreme outer tip to be the darkest, with orange-brown undercoat. Tail tipped with black. The underside and inside of legs to be a tint to harmonize with the main color. Nose leather: tile red. Paw pads: black or brown, with black between toes, extending slightly beyond the paws.

RED: coat rich, warm glowing red, ticked with chocolate-brown, the extreme outer tip to be dark, with red undercoat. Tail tipped with chocolate-brown. The underside and inside of legs to be a tint to harmonize with the main color. Nose leather: rosy pink. Paw pads: pink, with chocolate-brown between toes, extending slightly beyond the paws.

BLUE: coat warm beige, ticked with various shades of slate blue, the extreme outer tip to be the darkest, with blush beige undercoat. Tail tipped with slate blue. The underside and inside of legs to be a tint to harmonize with the main color. Nose leather: old rose. Paw pads: mauve, with slate blue between toes, extending slightly beyond the paws.

FAWN: coat warm rose-beige, ticked with light cocoa brown, the extreme outer tip to be the darkest, with blush beige undercoat. Tail tipped with light cocoa brown. The underside and inside of legs to be a tint to harmonize with the main color. Nose leather: salmon. Paw pads: pink with light cocoa brown between the toes, extending slightly beyond the paws.

above the CFA Breed Standards

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In spite of a cape dall.apparenza a po. wild, here a sinuoso and decidedly elegant cat in the movements. Its perfect, tiny but muscoloso body, supported from thin limbs. Its head, aim and from the contours rounds off to you, supported from along and elegant neck. Its eyes, large and to almond shape, are many expressing and seem to you observe its world with one particular intensit. Its not a cape any: dense and folto amazingly soft to the tact and I polish.


This cat to short hair characterizes itself for the ticking: every single hair introduces un.alternanza of clear and dark bands until the tip that must be dark.  

Its inks are: lepre (black bands or tawny dark on base of one warm tonalit orange), sorrel (bands cinnamon on base apricot), blue (bands blugrigio dark on base beige rosato), fawn (bands grigiorosa on base dark ivory), silver (bands lepre, sorrel, blue or fawn on silver-plated bottom). The color of the eyes pu to be amber, green or Yellow.


L.Abissino has l.aria of the quiet cat and bonaccione, but tutt' other In compensation a sociable micio much, affectionate one and giocherellone. It follows with interest also the minimums gestures of the master and takes active part to the familiar life, ficcando il nose ovunque... For he its masters are its universe: for this, although caratterino lively and the pepper mill, chip ax of living without problems in an apartment. But only on condition of being to the center dell.attenzione!


Head cuneiform shape, of medium proportion, wide allapice, harmonious cake and in the contours. Nose of medium length, without stop but not straight; the profile extension one soft curve. Firm Mento and very developed. Jaws that are shrunk but not pinzato. Orecchie forms relatively large, wide to the base and leggermente rounded off, appreciated wild unimpressione and the ciuffetti of alapice hair. Position very distant and allerta

Eyes shape large, to almond and very distant. Shining, expressive, amber, green or yellow, and intense color clearly cerchiato color with the color of the ticking
Body firm, elastic and muscoloso, pleasant structure medium, to the tact, aggraziato neck, thin and long legs in proportion to the body, tendini obvious small feet and ovals
Tail long, streamlined, wide to the base
short, fine, driven in and adherent to the body
Color 2 or 3 bands of color on every hair with the preferibilmente dark tip.
For the Somalis the cape and development ticking much slow of do not define before the 2 years. And for that during judgment you tolerance for the adult puppys and young people
Defects that precludono the certificate round head or of siamese type. Lines on legs and tail to whip. Dark or too much clearly or too much grayish Sottopelo. Nonexistent or insufficient Ticking where demanded
Collar closed, Marches on the ventre or the chest. Medaglione white man or white man who extends on the chest


INSEPARABLE the Getlteman meets Maria Bregani Grace and Eleonora Ruggiero (Respective President and Secretary CIGAS)


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