GENERAL: the ideal Balinese is a svelte cat with long tapering lines, very lithe but strong and muscular. Excellent physical condition. Neither flabby nor bony. Not fat. Eyes clear. Because of the longer coat the Balinese appears to have softer lines and less extreme type than other breeds of cats with similar type. SUGGESTED BREEDINGS by MENANDPETS.COM No breeding to signal
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HEAD: long, tapering wedge. Medium size in good proportion to body. The total wedge starts at the nose and flares out in straight lines to the tips of the ears forming a triangle, with no break at the whiskers. No less than the width of an eye between the eyes. When the whiskers and face hair are smoothed back, the underlying bone structure is apparent. Allowance must be made for jowls in the stud cat.

SKULL: flat. In profile, a long straight line should be felt from the top of the head to the tip of the nose. No bulge over the eyes. No dip in nose.

EARS: strikingly large, pointed, wide at base, continuing the lines of the wedge.

EYES: almond shaped. Medium size. Neither protruding nor recessed. Slanted towards the nose in harmony with lines of wedge and ears. Uncrossed.

NOSE: long and straight. A continuation of the forehead with no break.

MUZZLE: fine, wedge-shaped.

CHIN and JAW: medium size. Tip of chin lines up with tip of nose in the same vertical plane. Neither receding nor excessively massive.

BODY: medium size. Graceful, long, and svelte. A distinctive combination of fine bones and firm muscles. Shoulders and hips continue same sleek lines of tubular body. Hips never wider than shoulders. Abdomen tight. The male may be somewhat larger than the female.

NECK: long and slender.

LEGS: bone structure long and slim. Hind legs higher than front. In good proportion to body.

PAWS: dainty, small, and oval. Toes: five in front and four GO BACK TO LIST.

TAIL: bone structure long, thin, tapering to a fine point. Tail hair spreads out like a plume.

COAT: medium length, fine, silky without downy undercoat lying close to the body, the coat may appear shorter than it is. Hair is longest on the tail.

COLOR: Body: even, with subtle shading when allowed. Allowance should be made for darker color in older cats as Balinese generally darken with age, but there must be definite contrast between body color and points. Points: mask, ears, legs, feet, tail dense and clearly defined. All of the same shade. Mask covers entire face including whisker pads and is connected to ears by tracings. Mask should not extend over top of head. No ticking or white hairs in points.

PENALIZE: lack of pigment in the nose leather and/or paw pads in part, or in total. Crossed eyes. Visible protrusion of the cartilage at the end of the sternum under normal handling. Soft or mushy body.

DISQUALIFY: any evidence of illness or poor health. Weak hind legs. Mouth breathing due to nasal obstruction or poor occlusion. Malocclusion resulting in either undershot or overshot chin. Emaciation. Visible kink in tail. Eyes other than blue. White toes and/or feet. Incorrect number of toes. Definite double coat (i.e., downy undercoat).


SEAL POINT: body even pale fawn to cream, warm in tone, shading gradually into lighter color on the stomach and chest. Points deep seal brown. Nose leather and Paw pads: same color as points. Eye color: deep vivid blue.

CHOCOLATE POINT: body ivory with no shading. Points milk-chocolate color, warm in tone. Nose leather and Paw pads: cinnamon-pink. Eye color: deep vivid blue.

BLUE POINT: body bluish white, cold in tone, shading gradually to white on stomach and chest. Points deep blue. Nose leather and Paw pads: slate-colored. Eye color: deep vivid blue.

LILAC POINT: body glacial white with no shading. Points frosty grey with pinkish tone. Nose leather and Paw pads: lavender-pink. Eye color: deep vivid blue.

above the CFA Breed Standards

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If to a siamese cat we add a soft coat of along hair here that the Balinese appears!
Large Cos' of cosi a Balinese cat?
All! Under those along coat that fierce door cos, this beautiful cat all a siamese and this includes its personalit.
In spite of its regale mantle and its aristocratic figure, a clown with a large heart like the world.
Its level of intelligence pu to be moderate itself simply watching it in the eyes color zaffiro that they shine of curiosit and attention. The voice a po devout soft of the siamese cousins.
generally accepted that the race has had nellallungamento of the hair a natural mutation of the siamese cat (even if the breeders they carried out numerous tried for giving to origin to one race to you of Siamesi to long hair, through the crossing with Angora cats. The selective crossing did not give turns out hopes to you to you, perch the exemplary that turned out some maintained the characteristic of the short hair and the tried ones there were, in the time, abandons to you. )
Only later on you discover that in the siamese the long hair a recessivo character.
. . Probably, mother nature has decided that still devout the wonderful siamese gi could be rendered fascinating adding along and flowing hair to its agile line and its graceful beauty orients them. The length of the cape practically
The acknowledgment of the race arrival in 1940.


The Balinese sociable, affectionate, intelligent a cat much and agile one. Voice has one much expressive one just like the siamese cousins. The family becomes attached itself to all, but to one person in particular dedicher the greater part of its attentions.

  The Cape

The cape the characteristic of the Balinese that distinguishes it from the Siamese this, fine like silk, does not introduce sottopelo and of the characteristic collar of the breeds to long hair and cio:

SEAL POINT: The ink of the cape goes clearly from the fulvo to the cream, with faded devout colors on the ventre and the chest. A dark tawny mask covers the musetto completely.
BLUE POINT: Cape blue-white man blue ice with points of color intense.
CHOCOLATE POINT: Cape ivory with points color cacao.
LILAC POINT: Cape color ice with points gray-rosati

the structure

BODY: Even if its body appears esile, equipped of one strongly musculature its movements fluid, agile and is aggraziati at the same time. The limbs are thin and those posterior ones are devout high of those front ones.
HEAD: To wedge shape, very proporzionata to the esilit of the neck. Orecchie wide to the junction, long nose and straight.
EYES: Intense blue to almond shape.
TAIL: Long and sharpenned.  

It does not have need of particular alimony.
CURES Need of the every day spazzolatura, even if its given hair the lack of sottopelo little incline to the formation of nodes regarding the Persian  

You discover if adapted t

The Balinese has need of the human contact. If you do not have much time for a cat, a Balinese pu not to be the just race for you.   the simple reason: these cats very become attached just the landladies just as it would make a dog and have need of the contact with the human companions.
If been trying an active friend and amusing   and fascinoso   Balinese one the most appropriate choice. Long the devout hairs soften the siamese and add beauty to the perfection.
They are good with the children   with which they play untiringly.
If just you do not want to renounce to the wonderful company of this cat even if have time little: the council that I can give to you of   to take at least 2 or a cat of an other equally active race so that one is not bored.