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The Bengali cat the first race obtained from the crossing of a domestic cat with a wild feline (the cat leopardo). In 1963 in California, Jean Sudgen made to couple its Asian cat leopardo, with a domestic cat, in the attempt to conserve some characteristics of the cat leopardo. In 1973, the Dr. Centerwall ripet the same attempt, to the aim of being able to study the resistance of the cat leopardo to the leukaemia turns them feline. The outcomes of the search were disappointing, but the hybridization serv to create Bengal. The first obtained exemplary had a wild character and nervous and somewhat single after a long selection with domestic cats and cats of race, like Mau Egyptian, American Shorthair, Siamese and the Burmese, cats from the mild character obtained themselves devout.

In 1991 the Bengal came recognized like race.


E' a sturdy and muscoloso cat, has lengthened shape, the massive, great and powerful body, the sturdy skeleton and the developed musculature a lot, especially in the males.

Ransom: until the 8-9 kg male and the female around to the 6 kg.

Head: a small measure devout of the body, the head would have to be similar that one of the cat leopardo, the mento would have to be much visible one, "the pillows of the large and apparascenti moustaches", the profile directed enough, the long face and the round skull towards the back.

Orecchie: small or many small, round to the wide tips and to the base.

Eyes: large, round eyes or leggermente to almond, of whichever color.

The brown of the cat leopard Asian a lot appreciated between the breeders

Tail: of average or relatively short length, thick and with the tip rounded off, held gi to the contrary of the domestic cat that lha always on.

Legs: sturdy, those posterior devout long ones of those front ones.

Cape: short, supporter with the smooth and incredibly setoso body and.

Colors: Brown/Black Spotted Tabby and Snow leopards (leopardi of snows), both with very pronounced spots and of black color from tawny-rossastro to intense.

rufus or rufous : a family of colors that, second its intensivit, goes from the bronze-marone to red mahogany

sorell : one family of colors of red clearly with the spots of the same color, but devout dark

cool colors : one family of colors between beige, sand, frumento, sensa the infuence of the rufous or sorell

golden : a mutation from the silverplated one that a lot I polish gold-butter, much rare but a lot demanded

sepia snow : (leopardo of the Sepia snows) the color of the burmese, dark chocolate in the spots and cream-coccolato like background, the eyes are from green to gold-marone, the tip of the black tail

mink snow: (leopardo of the Mink snows) the color of the tonkinese, chocolate-cream in the spots and cream-coccolato like background, the eyes are from water-green to clear green

lynx snow : (leopardo of the Lynx snows) the color of the siamese, clear spots on the body and pir dark on the tips of the body, eyes azzuri or blue

whited : the belly or "sottocorpo" of the cat the white man. Disappeared in the first crossings between the Asian cat leopardo and the domestic servants, it is returning slowly flat, but still much rare and a lot appreciated. Pu to vary between a white man touch on the legs to an equal design that like the true ones leopardi and gepardi

melanistic : the black mutation. Not accepted like Bengal, recorded under the name "Pantherette". Pu to be used in the breeding of Bengal

silver : the new Silver color, recognized from the May 2004, black spots or coal-griggie with a background nearly white man, but also griggio much luminosity. The Silvers is particularly sweet of character, being recent descendants from the American Shorthair

The design to "rosette" and the marbled are recognized. The first not other that a design spotted, cio to small spots very distributed on all the body, leggermente modified (round spots with a portion centers them devout clear). Preferibile E' that the spots, like of the rest those of the leopardo, are aligned horizontally (in the other cats the distribution of the spot vertical).

In the design marbled three lines are present parallels many wide on the back and wings of butterfly on the shoulders and the flanks.

Between Bengal marbled they are two types of designs - tigrato and the exotic one. The marbled tigrato tabby the orizantale and lengthened design devout. The marbled tigrato it has always a type of "bullseye" a circle in the disengo. Marbled exotic misculio between rosettes and tigrato and no "bullseye" recognizable - the design slides like those of the piton. Exotic the much devout rare one appreciated a lot. The miglori marbled have a clear background and the disengo bordered much dark one.

Average life: 15 years


No breeding to signal
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Affectionate cake and, an active, intelligent cat and has need of space in order to play. Chip ax the cohabitation with other animals (comprised cats and dogs).

In the course of the years Bengal be selected rigorously a cat from sweet, intelligent, loyal and affectionate the character. Us although Bengal has not lost the all instinto predator and it appeals to to it to scramble up, to be up, to hunt. It accustoms you to the life in apartment or house sin from tender ET, is spectacular cats in house and family.

Much assets, in he the ancestral memories of the wild cat are present: fast and prudent, but attention to the Aquarius or the cage of the uccellini...

Adapted well in apartment purch can be manifested its irruenza without incappare above all in too many prohibition when they are young. The males do not sterilize to you have difficolt to cohabit with other males, like all the breeds, and every Bengal has its personal character.


Its cape, short, smooth and lucente demands least cure.Solo during the period of the dumb one must be intensified the brushed ones in order to eliminate the dead hairs. Optimal to the scope they are the spazzoline to tight teeth and ricurvi and are also particularly useful the latex gloves or the inumidita skin fallow deer that last on the cape, it removes the hair in excess.

Every 2 weeks to clean up the eyes with a humid cloth and to regulate nails.


It has need of a high feeding of qualit, but not too much rich. Based Croccantini of high qualit in the stage of the increase a lot is important. To the base of theirs along development Bengal, above all the males, are consider you puppys until to a year or talvota a year and means. They have one digestion a p delicate and important to give them rests from the table.

Foods prepare to you in house are nearly pollo exclusively raw or raw meat not too much fat. Latte and produced from the latte ones is sconsigliabili.


The female has the 1 heat around to the 9 months, but advisable attending until the year and means before making to couple it. The hard gestation approximately 60 days and is born in average from 4 to 5 puppys.

The males are consider puppys for the first year - year and means you and can show a level of sterilit until they complete maturation.

A thanks to Marc of breeding House Rocca Bengal in order to have sended the witnesses to me

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