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Thanks to dottor the Pellegatta, the cat of Ceylon has obtained the official acknowledgment, in order to participate to the exposures, to concur for the Championship and above all it has allowed the great public, of being able to know it and to appreciate. This encounter happened in January of 1984 during a travel in the island of Sri Lanka: it was a love from the first moment to the point that, to the return from the East, port with s in Italy the first subjects. Although their exotic origin very was adapted to the new temperature, even if, to onor of the true one, in order to render less traumatic limpatto with the various climate, came they prepared, in the new house, an appropriate premises that reproduced temperature conditions and umidit similar to those that they had as soon as left. In the May of the 1984 they were it officially introduces you to the expo of Grass and came undertaken a serious program of breeding and to the aim to increase the genetic patrimony and to avoid a consanguineit too much pushed they came imports other subjects to you with the wished characteristics. The subjects taken in consideration had to introduce a natural cape color, than be then christened "manilla", with tiching of bottom and the obvious striature on the zampre, tail, flanks, snout and neck, spotted on the abdomen and the "cobras" on the forehead. The choice was involved alone docile cats particularly mansueti and, decided it is made to coccolare and vezzeggiare. In the October of 1988, it came stilato the first standard. In January of 1993 the Ceylon entered officially in the Book Origins of the FFI. In the October of 1993 it has obtained official acknowledgment FIAF and WCF like new race.

And ONE NATURAL RACE The Ceylon must be numbered to full load tito it between the breeds natural, those that have conserved their original one identit perch have not endured pressures from part delluomo. And that be found spontaneously in nature and that be manipulated they do not demonstrate also the last born cats to it. Comparing, in fact, the first cats import to you and their progenie with the last ones arrives to you practically does not notice differences, holding always present that the 1 selection dottor the always made Pellegatta on the place.


No breeding to signal
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Head: characteristic and many particular thanks to rounded off cheeks and the zigomi sporgenti. The evidenced zone of the vibrisse from a scissura to the base that leggermente renders it sporgente in ahead.

ORECCHIE: large, wide to the base, posizionate high on the skull.

Eyes: large, with advanced ag to almond and rounded off inferior. They can have tonalit that they go from the yellow to the green. The eyelids have the black edge and the hair that of it the clear contour follows. This particolarit ago so that the eyes seem makes up to you.

NECK: and muscoloso but strongly not long or snello, it comes carried a po withdrawn in ahead to mo of swan.

Tartufo: mattone bordered.

TAIL: relatively short.

Body: from small to mean, with fine structure.

Legs: fine, not long structure; small feet and round off to you.

CAPE: As many cats orient them the Ceylon do not have or have little sottopelo, this makes so that the hair of protection and that intermediate aim and setoso are not raise to you, indeed is adherent to the body

Color: Being a spontaneous race they come it raises to you and it selects only the colors to you that the nature offers. Therefore the capes with spots are announced publicly white women or those to siamese reason, obviously the ticking of rigor but pu to sbizzarire itself in various shadings. Classic the cape to ticking black better known like manilla:tenue color apricot and shading from the glare golden like base, in contrast with the dark bands of ticking and the black tip of the hair. Its dilution the blue, a tenuous color but decidedly devout freddo:beige clearly the base, blue steel the tip. Magnificent also red that to red true difference dellabissino genetico(nellabissino what erroneously we call red, other not that cinnamon). Delicate the cream, its diluizione:bande clear and dark alternates itself for giving a sweet and delicate color nellinsieme. When red and black sposanoecco the squame of tartaruga.Leffetto decidedly winning itself, on the ticking black they appear harmonically macchiette red decided that they play with the lines of the snout, of the collar of legs and the tail. Devout tenuous and delicate but less beautiful it does not shell it diluted, the black one becomes blue, the red cream that is melted and they stir with one wonderful harmony.

TICKING When it is spoken about cat of Ceylon and its shadings pu not to speak itself about the ticking, indeed this perhaps its famous eclatante distintiva devout. The Ceylon shares this particolarit of the single cape with others two breeds of gatti:lAbissino and the Singapura. Their cape introduces a particular coloration of bottom that it comes called agouti. Agouti a word of Indiana origin that is to indicate the color of the cape of some wild roditori us, of the lepre and the rabbit. In genetics agouti it is to indicate that every single hair not of an only color but divided in color bands in which and clearly dark they are alternated. The clear part devout to the base close to the cute, that devout dark on the tip of the hair and this confers to the cape the typical ticchettato aspect. Devout the crossed hair dallalternanza of clear and dark bands, devout the beautiful and appreciated cape. The experts, when they examine a cucciolo, know gi to preview like sar their profane cape definitivo;per the quite impossible one to imagine as the grayish and lanuginoso hair a po of the cucciolo can be transformed, like in fables, in a cape polish, setoso, shining and with the ticking perfect. Here that in the manilla(mantello genetically black, what called color lepre nellabissino) we will have black bands on a base apricot or in the red one, as an example, the bands orange and apricot are alternated harmoniously between of they creating a game of colors much warmth. The Ceylon ad hoc (what it corresponds to the Bentota cape) must introduce of the tigrature overlapped to this color of base, lines skillfully designed on the snout and on the collar, rings on legs and the tail and above all does not have to lack the cobrasacro on the forehead.

COBRA the cat of Ceylon introduces on the forehead and between the orecchie a called characteristic design from the cingalesi cobras. For the inhabitants dellisola this a sign of good auspice for the family that accommodates the cat. The cobra a sacred animal to Budda, the sacred snake that erge on its head, ago the shield and the protegge from the sultriness of the sun.

DREAMY LOOK and easy to get lost when eyes like these are contemplated! Large, opened, you live, intelligent but not only, these eyes have one march in devout. Not a yellow, green or verdastro however fascinating color that, not not even the given particular shape from the advanced almond eyelid and that rounded off inferior. What truly extraordinary the look, dreaming and a po melancholic, like if it guarded chiss which thoughts or inconfessabili secrets. It hits so who observes it that this its dreamy look become one of its distintive notes, those something of mysterious that, also only for a moment, opens the arms to the fantasy and the dream and that it makes us to fly with he, in a dazzling island, far away paradise where smiles, gentility and courtesy stir to scents of spezie and aromas........


The Ceylon a cat good, sweet and extremely available not only in the comparisons of the members of the family but also with the strangers. Disponibilit the particularly obvious with the children perch oltremodo patient and always ready to play. Its docilit renders it an ideal companion for the persons sun and old. E' a cat that lives actively to the inside of the family: it is not behaved from spectator but it participates to you in first "person".


Although it comes from a country with the warm and humid climate adapted perfectly to our temperatures. E' a healthy and sturdy cat whose breeding does not introduce particular problems. Also the decidedly simple toelettatura: its cape I polish, smooth and setoso without or with least sottopelo for which it needs of some rare one brushed. It decidedly turns out devout effective profit and to smooth down to the hair, every so often, with one skin fallow deer inumidita.


Sin from puppys the cats of Ceylon are equip you of an optimal appetite and in food fact they do not have preferences particolari:umido or dry purch abundant!


Females and males are enough premature, generally catch up the maturit sexual before dellanno. During lestro he is males who females are not a lot chiaccheroni. The gatte ones are optimal fattrici, reproduce well and without difficolt approximately four gattini for brood. They have a maternal instinct a lot developed, they are much careful and premurose the puppys come nurse to you with cure from the mother and can be svezzati towards the 30-35 day.

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