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GENERAL: the Korat (Koh-raht) is a rare cat even in Thailand, its country of origin, and because of its unusually fine disposition, is greatly loved by the Thai people who regard it as a "good luck" cat. Its general appearance is of a silver blue cat with a heavy silver sheen, medium sized, hard-bodied, and muscular. All smooth curves with huge eyes, luminous, alert, and expressive. Perfect physical condition, alert appearance.


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HEAD: when viewed from the front, or looking down from just back of the head, the head is heartshaped with breadth between and across the eyes. The eyebrow ridges form the upper curves of the heart, and the sides of the face gently curve down to the chin to complete the heartshape. Undesirable: any pinch or narrowness, especially between or across the eyes.

PROFILE: well-defined with a slight stop between forehead and nose which has a lion-like downward curve just above the leather. Undesirable: nose that appears either long or short in proportion.

CHIN and JAW: strong and well-developed, making a balancing line for the profile and properly completing the heartshape. Neither overly squared nor sharply pointed, nor a weak chin that gives the head a pointed look.

EARS: large, with a rounded tip and large flare at base, set high on head, giving an alert expression. Inside ears sparsely furnished. Hairs on outside of ears extremely short and close.

BODY: semi-cobby, neither compact nor svelte. The torso is distinctive. Broad chested with good space between forelegs. Muscular, supple, with a feeling of hard coiled spring power and unexpected weight. Back is carried in a curve. The males tend to be larger than females.

LEGS: well-proportioned to body. Distance along back from nape of neck to base of tail appears to be equal to distance from base of tail to floor. Front legs slightly shorter than back legs.

PAWS: oval. Toes: five in front and four GO BACK TO LIST.

TAIL: medium in length, heavier at the base, tapering to a rounded tip. Non-visible kink permitted.

EYES: large and luminous. Particularly prominent with an extraordinary depth and brilliance. Wide open and oversized for the face. Eye aperture, which shows as well-rounded when fully open, has an Asian slant when closed or partially closed. Undesirable: small or dull looking eyes.

COAT: single. Hair is short in length, glossy and fine, lying close to the body. The coat over the spine is inclined to break as the cat moves.

DISQUALIFY: visible kink. Incorrect number of toes. White spot or locket. Any color but silver-tipped blue.


COLOR: silver-tipped blue all over, the silver should be sufficient to produce a silver halo effect. The hair is usually lighter at the roots with a gradient of blue which is deepest just before the tips which are silver. Adults should be without shading or tabby markings. Allow for ghost tabby markings in kittens. Where the coat is short, the sheen of the silver is intensified. Undesirable: coats with silver tipping on only the head, legs and feet. Nose leather and lips: dark blue or lavender. Paw pads: dark blue ranging to lavender with a pinkish tinge. Eye color: luminous s green preferred, amber cast acceptable. Kittens and adolescents can have yellow or amber to amber-green eyes; the color is not usually achieved until the cat is mature, usually two to four years of age.

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The Korat a cat for many backs extremely particular. Usual to say that only who of it possesses one pu really to comprise the difference between this cat and the others breeds.

E' an ancient, original cat of the far Thailandia where, still today, it comes quite carried in processione in the villages for propiziare the arrival of the rain.

The first information on this race go back to an ancient manuscript of 1350, the Smud Khoi or the book of the Poemi of the Cats, in which it comes indicated, with to others 16 breeds, like symbol of good fortune and prosperit. And such anchor today considered in Thailandia where it comes also called "Sawat".

The Thai tradition wants that to give a brace of Korat to two novels spouses, happy and sure wealthy matrimoniale life guarantees one. It is used also to carefully lay down a Korat in the crib of a baby, in order to make sure that the small does not run risks in the sleep and like augury that they give large rich and fortunate person becomes one.

Always in Thailandia, the Korat difficultly comes acquires to you. Usually they come gives perch theirs to you capacit to carry fortune must not have a price. They come considers you a precious gift much classified one to noble persons, given a degree to to us or quite to reigning.

The first brace of cats Korat, Nara and Darra, came imported in the United States in the 1959 from Jean Johnson. Since then many were gotten passionate to this race that came, of them little, recognized from all world-wide the feline associations.

The aspect of the Korat remained practically invariato during the course of the centuries. The description of the ancient manuscript perfectly wearing to the Korat of the days ours. This race has crossed the centuries without to never endure interferences and the only one perhaps not to have been coupled with others breeds. Its morphology remained immutata for all this time perhaps thanks to the isolation of the region in which developed and to the distance of those lands, and today extremely important, for who it raises them, to conserve this important characteristic of unicit and purity.



"... Its soft hair, the roots have the color of clouds and the silver tips. Its eyes shine like dew drops on one leaf of loto... " Cos in the ancient thailandese manuscript comes described the Korat...

The Korat a cat to short hair of small-medium ransom.

The females are po' devout small of the muscolose and equally athletic males but.

Its exceptionally elastic body! Its powerful musculature allows it to express themselves in evolutions from true acrobat, perhaps than no other race succeeds to equal. The posterior legs are leggermente devout long of those front ones and they allow it to enunciate of knows to you incredible with the minimum of the effort.

One of the important devout characteristics of this race the shape of the head. Sight of forehead, the head to shape of heart with the sopraciliari arched ones that of it form the high part and the snout, leggermente appuntito, than of it it delineates the inferior part. The eyes of the Korat are sproporzionati regarding the head. They must be enormous, opens wide to you, round and of intense a green color, than pu to employ also some year to become definitive, but that devout it passes the time devout earns of intensit. Its expressive, deep, absolutely penetrating look much and magnetic one.

The other most important characteristic the cape.

The color of the Korat one only: gray. Or, technically, Silver Blue.

Every single hair subdivided in three shadings of different gray: clearly to the root, devout dark centrally and completely transparent in tip. This transparency of the tips confers to the hair a lucente aspect, like a species of aura that encircles it following the movements of the body.

The Korat does not have sottopelo. The primary hair, therefore, must remain flat and attacked to the body. For this reason in the period of dumb it does not lose much hair, what rather appreciated a po' from all.



The Korat a cat much rather lively assets and. Rich diet of proteins and fat people has therefore need of one end a lot that in adult ET and good health.

On the point of view of the tastes, a lot depends on the alimentary habits taken in breeding, but in a generalized manner they are "good forks" and they do not make to pray when the hour of the lunch or the supper. Indeed, some Korat, above all sterilizes to you or castrates to you, they too much let a po' to be involved from the food and risk to go in overweight. In these cases advisable to feed them with foods light and however dosing the portions like necessary.

If it accustoms from small, gradiranno a lot to you the dry food that constitutes the ideal solution sure, enough that they are alimony controls and produced to you from specialistic companies.

Sure, every a lot, a cod or nasello to vapor or a double boiler, will be sure appreciate to you and they will make it decidedly also well. Advisable E' also dargli red of egg devout or less every 15 days (above all in the winter months) for dargli energy and also in order to maintain in condition the cape.



Online general, to raise race cats one the simplest what in how much does not imply hard work, a discreet operating costs and one good dose of renunciations and sacrifices. Insomma, us pu not to improvise breeders from a day to the other...

To raise the Korat perhaps still devout impegnativo because of the character, not just to the capacity of all, this race.

The females usually go in heat rather soon (around to the 5-6 months) and theirs vocalize are truly worthy of famous. The males can become fertile also to 6 months cosicch advisable to be a lot allerta... Bench does not exist problems of delivery for the females, sure much difficult one to manage a integral male given its large one vitalit and virilit...

The males are however of the loving parents, contrarily to others breeds, and participate actively to the education of own the prole following it lovingly and playing with the puppys for all their permanence. Damage also a hand to the partorient and, in some cases, behaves like one expert levatrice during the delivery, helping the mother to cut the umbilical cords, to clean up the puppys and to hold them to the warmth.

Of norm they are born from the 3 to the 5 puppys for time. But also puppys from fattrici have been recorded cucciolate of 8-10 particularly know some and sturdy. The weight of the puppys varied from the 75 gr to the 110 gr also to second of the number of the babies in the cucciolata one.

When the puppys catch up ET of the weaning, generally around to the 4 weeks, begin also to explore the world that encircles and to develop them the character of gattini allegros and lives to us, often much live to us... They adore to scramble up on any thing or person without minimally to preoccuparsi of the height who succeeds to catch up, they are slipped into the devout small you space and of I do not shave make of the beautiful swims within the ciotole of the water... Insomma, their increase demands much attention.



The condition of the hair a fundamental pointer in order to not only appreciate the beauty of a cat, but also in order to characterize of its state of health. Naturally not sufficient to have cure of the hair to outer level for being sure of the well-being of just the cat. It must also feed it in corrected way, sottoporlo to visits veterinaries of control to fixed cadence, to render its life glad and serene devout the possible one avoiding stress to which also they, often, are unfortunately subject...

But returning to the cure and the hygiene, the Korat cats, being to short hair, do not have need of particular aesthetic sagacities or particular products. Sufficient Sar the use of a cloth of humid fallow deer once to the day in order to remove from the cape the powder that to unavoidablly is hidden you and, if necessary, potr to use a tight tooth comb in order to melt eventual small nodes or to remove of the dead hair.

The eyes and the orecchie go cleaned up with easy reperibili neutral detergents in commerce. Next to the rest they with a careful and methodical cure think.

For being able to wash it sar necessary to accustom it from much small. It does not love the water, even if it passes hours to play with the drops that exit from the tap, and therefore if prover to dip it without avergli before made to make a little practical, to make us sure to remember to have to us tried...



I would begin endured saying that the Korat not adapted to all. She knows to adapt to all the inhabited situations, this, but she develops a strong tie with just the landladies and if these do not succeed to understand of the requirements and the particolarit, not sar easy life for the two.

The Korat has a character a lot dominant and stretches to submit anyone, animal or person, to the own wishes. An attitude from tyrannous small that goes therefore educated from one person from the determined character.

The master of a Korat must succeed at par to having with this animal a relationship, of mutual respect and confidence.

Cos the tender devout aspects of these cats will only be able to come in surface and they will be able totally to be appreciated.

The master of a Korat does not have to leave it single in order time too much. Rather he would be preferibile to carry it with s. The Korat does not have problems to travel and sopportano easily also long travels in car or airplane. They would come with you ovunque! The important not to too much lose sight the master to along. It must be disposed to pass of the time to play with he, making to jump it or to run GO BACK TO LIST one little ball (than continuer to bring back GO BACK TO LIST until the sfinimento!)

The Korat is truly particular cats and adapted particular persons, to disposed times also makes a po' to tiranneggiare from this small despota. If the just one is born feeling, sar the only cat that you will wish to have!  



Online general the Korat has a character much fort. A cat without fear, a cat that nearly puts to uneasiness with some its attitudes. E' much independent one, and does not love conditionings or impositions.

It adores to play with the children and with other animals purch it is granted to it of having the last word. Curious E', much intelligent one until the point to learn to copy the human behaviors, above all those that can be revealed useful... E' much difficult one that a Korat you pull outside the claws in order to assault. Neanche when it is found in particularly delicate situations. It prefers to face eventual problems sfoderando vocalizes mozzafiato and with of the movements that remember so much those of the martial limbs it orients them.

But also and above all a cat extremely giocherellone, also from adult or ahead with ET, much clever one and loves to drive crazy to make jokes and trabocchetti it is to other animals that to the persons. Lively and chiacchierone but not nagging. Much easy one to understand when what wants one. Its vocalize and its posture are extremely eloquent.

There are, however, of reading differences between the character of the males and that one of the females.

The females, are sterilized that integral, they are a po' devout independent and enterprising of the males. They adore to undertake true and own games of force with the master. They will come from you when they want it very rarely and when glielo you will ask. They will be threaded by force, and secretly, under your blankets, they will open the drawers of all house, in order it even makes a joke you, and they will make to find the television you or the light ignited to yours I re-enter... Then they will watch like saying "who to you, I..."

The males are instead devout calm and affable, above all if he castrates to you. They will not pull themselves to one good dose of coccole never GO BACK TO LIST. They are of the incurable ones giocherelloni, but they do not have the malizia of the females, cos that it becomes extremely pleasant and relaxant to play with they. Like the females, they are much delicate in playing and much difficult one that they break off of the objects for house. They could trotterellare between tens of ninnoli of china or crystal without not to graze of one!

The Korat is, reassuming, of the fascinating cats and winning. Anyone has possessed some or it possesses one, it considers it only and irreplaceable. A true feline from the reduced dimensions that it has, for the greater part, conserved several of the characterial features of the wild cats us, sweetened, com' natural, from centuries of cohabitation and mutual respect with who has known them to appreciate.


Donatella Mastrangelo
Breeding JADEYE, Korat Cats from 1993
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