GENERAL: the overall impression of the RagaMuffin should be one of sweetness and robust health. They are a large cat with substantial bone structures and full bodies. The large, expressive eyes strongly contribute to the overall sweet look. The only extremes in this cat are large size, large expressive eyes and docile nature. RagaMuffin females are generally considerably smaller than males, both being muscular, and heavy with a tendency toward a fatty pad on the lower abdomen. RagaMuffins attain full maturity at approximately four years of age. The cat should have an overall balance, with quality and conformation given preference over size. A RagaMuffin is people loving and affectionate – a large cuddly, feline teddy bear.

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HEAD: the head is a broad modified wedge with a rounded appearance. The forehead should be moderately rounded. Muzzle is round, slightly shorter than moderate in length, tending to broadness. The chin is firmly rounded, reflecting a proper bite. There is puffiness to the whisker pad, which results in the characteristic "sweet look" of the RagaMuffin. Cheeks are full. In profile, there is an obvious nose dip, giving the impression of a scoop rather than a break. Neck is short, heavy and strong, particularly in older males. An allowance is made for jowliness in mature adult males.

EARS: medium in size, set as much on the side of the head as on the top of the head with slight flaring, tilted slightly forward. Ears are rounded with moderate furnishings, in pleasing proportion to the head.

EYES: large, walnut shaped and expressive, moderately wide set, the eyes contribute to the characteristic sweet look. A slight oriental slant to the eye is acceptable. The more intense the eye color, the better. Lighter eye color in dilutes is allowed. Eye color requirements: minks-green, blue-green, turquoise, blue, odd-eyed; solids-all colors, including odd-eyed.

BODY: rectangular, broad chest and broad shoulders, and moderately heavy muscling in the hindquarters with the hindquarters being equally as broad as the shoulders. There should be a fatty pad in the lower abdomen. These cats are fully fleshed and upon palpation should feel well covered with flesh. The cat should have an overall balance in body size, shape and distribution of weight, with quality and conformation given preference over size.

TAIL: long, in proportion to the body. It is fully furred, similar in look to a plume or soft bottlebrush, medium at the base with a slight taper.

LEGS AND PAWS: legs should be heavily boned, medium in length with the back legs slightly longer than the front legs, yet in proportion to the body. The paws should be large and round, able to support the weight of the cat without splaying, and with tufts beneath and between the paws. Allowance is made for finer boning in females.

COAT: he fur is to be medium to medium-long. Texture is to be soft, dense and silky. Texture will vary slightly with color. Fur length is to be slightly longer around neck and outer edges of face, resulting in the appearance of a ruff, and increasing in length from top of head down through shoulder blades and back, with the coat on the sides and stomach being medium to medium-long. The fur on the front legs is thick and short to medium in length. The fur on the hind legs is medium to medium-long and thick with the appearance of a wispy frill on the hindquarters.

ALLOWANCES: shorter fur on the legs for cats with medium length coat. Seasonal changes in coat length and texture. Smaller size in females and cats under four years of age. Short ruff on whole cats.

PREFERENCES: affectionate nature, and deep, bright eye color.

PENALIZE: extreme cranial doming, nose break, Roman nose, small ears, pointed ears. Cobby body, short tail, cottony undercoat.

DISQUALIFY: DISQUALIFY: poor health or condition, crossed eyes, visible tail kink, polydactyl or pointed colors. Short hair on the body and/or tail, giving the impression of a short-haired cat.


COLOR: every color and pattern is allowable with or without white, except pointed colors. Any amount of white is allowed, e.g. white spots on paws, back, chest or belly; a blaze, a locket, etc. The degree of symmetry whether in the pattern or the white spotting is of no importance. Nose leather and paw pads are accepted in all colors and in any color combination, not necessarily related to coat color. Cats with white on feet may have pink paw pads or they may be bi-colored or multi-colored.

above the CFA Breed Standards

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Beginnings to speak itself about this race in first years sixty when mrs. Ann Baker in California said much to make in the development of lintero Cherubimsdato group varied breeds new She chiam that all the race possessed the same temperament amabile.(Of all these breeds only the Ragdolls, the Miracle Ragdolls and the Honeybears is urvivors until today.) The first group that lasci the group of mrs. Baker allinizio of years seventy, registr their cats in the lists of the greater associations and today are known like modern the Ragdoll.  

An other group stacc in the 1994 from mrs. Baker and chiam its cats in compliance with the RagaMuffins contracts. The RagaMuffin one mixture of the breeds of the Cherubim.   To part its personalit and its aspect outside from the common one, the regarding history its still devout name renders it irresistibile: Perch to cause   of the accusations from part of other breeders, that they said that this specific race not absolutely a race, bens simply a road cat, the name given to this cat described a likeable one monello of road one   RagaMuffin. In the February of the 1994 l ACFA (   lassociazione American of the breeders of cats) granted the State experiences them to this race. To this point, this group could choose an other name -   instead decided to maintain to that one vecchi.(a decisone that I find much likeable and corraggioso one to it and that pretty one has transformed parolacciain a symbol much. The RagaMuffin name then divent the official name. Today, the RagaMuffins is recognized from the ACFA (= lassociazione American of the breeders of cats, feline united UFO(=Organizzazione), lAACE(Lorganizzazione American of gets passionate you of gatti)e lICE(Esibitori international of cats) in America and dallOERCC(Austrian Royal-Cat-Club) in Austria/Europa.



Mrs. Klarmann, the president of the RAG(= group of associates RagaMuffin to you) dice:Si, is still a small group. But the fact was previewed in this maniera..considerando that we have begun with a number of breeders limited, was necessary to develop itself pian slowly and to make of the just choices.



General Limmagine of a RagaMuffin would have to be that one of an amiable cat and mansueto and at the same time to produce to an impression of robustness and health.

The gattine   Raga Muffin is of usual evidently   devout small of the cats even if both must quite however be muscolosi and to have one small pancetta(a omento) in the posterior part of the belly.

The RagaMuffin catches up let adult to 4 years.

It is   Colourpoint is   Colourpoint with one spot or star white woman, legs and the tip of the tail white women in contrast with the dark hair devout, but also tigrato with one   striking design or like truncated Calico breath an impressive cat. Outside norm is only its height, the eyes large and expressed and its nature to you mansueta.

The familiar, docile and affectionate RagaMuffin it a large cat as a orsacchiotto to which it appeals to to be caress.




Cuneiform head leggermente rounded off has one. The forehead would have leggermente to be round. The round snout, a pochino devout short of the average with a light increase. It has the mento rounded off, very made and rispecchia one correct set of teeth. The base of the vibrisse   it would have full and to be rounded off, what that contributes to the characteristic sweet aspect of the RagaMuffin. The cheeks are   floods. The profile extension an obvious insenatura of the nose, creating cos devout laspetto of unarco rather than that one of one Stop. It has the short, sturdy and strong neck in special way in the old males. In the adult males they come accepted cheeks   devout   paffute.




Rounded off, of medium largeness, are situated to turned sides of the head leggermente towards lesterno with an light inclinatura in avanti(the Linxspoints must of the peletti on the punta)con have moderated inner animal hair and proporzionate to the head.

The orecchie would have to be possibly situated to sides of the head but at the same time to appear some to of over.




They are large and expressed to you, to shape of walnut and a lot it does not distance to you. The eyes contribute to the typical expression dolce.Una light inclinatura orient them come however accepted. Devout intense the color of the eyes and best.

The color of the eyes would have to be like follows:


Colourpoints:       Blue eyes


Minks:             Greens, bluverdi, turchese, blue, bicolored.


Solids           :    All the colors enclosed the bicolored one.




And of rectangular shape with chest and wide shoulders, the posterior legs introduce a medium-strong musculature and would have to be wide allincirca how much the shoulders.

A adiposo bearing in the posterior zone of the pancia(fatty pad) desirable.

The good muscular tone of posterior legs indicates one be danimo positive.

The cats have one discreet musculature.

The dorsal thorn and the ribs would not have to be visible and to the tact the feeling must be had to touch one discreet musculature.




And long in proportion to the body. And discreetly hairy and it resembles to a forelock or one scovolino soft, medium thick to the base man hand affina towards the tip.


Legs and legs


Of large skeleton and medium length,le posterior legs are leggermente devout long of those front ones but always in proportion to the body. The legs would have to be enough large and rotondeggianti so as to to be able to support the weight of the cat without to increase themselves and to show forelocks of hair under or between the fingers of the foot.

In devout the accepted gattine fine unossatura.




The hair of medium length or leggermente greater length. The structure must be folta and soft like silk similar to folta the down of a rabbit. The varied structure leggermente with the color. The length leggermente greater allaltezza of the neck and around to the face cos like if it had a collar. The length gradually increases to leave from the advanced part of the head towards the bachelor and the back until catching up to sides and in the epigastrica region a devout length that could be defined average or hardly long. The hair on front legs folto and from short arrives until to one medium length. The posterior ones have a hair medium devout along or devout along and often with allaltezza of thighs of the small small lumps.


General state


The cat must give healthy limpressione of and being very cured.


It must be cleaned up and the hair must appear very cured, the very visible eyes, devout clean orecchie and it does not have to introduce the small trace of you adorned to you.


Outcrosses   you concur yourself


Ragdoll, Lost ano , Himalaiano and the domestic cat to long hair (Longhair domestic).


Foundation Recording


The Ragdoll IRCA and the Miracle Ragdoll are the main stock (foundation cats)del RagaMuffin and solos these can be record to you like such.


Colors you concur yourself


Every color or design with or without parts white women concurred. Whichever part white woman like as an example clear points on legs, the back, the chest or the belly; one speck white woman, one plate etc. one symmetrical subdivision of the design or the clear parts lacking in meant. The skin the nose and the swells of the plant of the foot come accepted in whichever color or combination of colors to prescind from the color of the cape. Cats with hair clearly to the feet can have the plant rose or to two and devout colors.


And concurred


Color clearly of the eyes only to tenuous inks. Hair devout short on legs of the gattine that have hair in a generalized manner not too much along. Variations age them of the length and disposition of the hair. Smaller dimensions are of the cats that of the gattine under the 4 years. A collar devout short in the cats does not castrate to you. Dark coloration devout of the body of the old devout cats. And clearly incomplete design devout in the puppys and the gattini young.



  head : Strongly convessit of the skull. Nose to tip , n aso Roman. Orecchie small      

               or recchie apunta.

  Body : Body short tending to the wide one.     

  Tail : Short tail.  

  Hair : Lanoso Sottopelo.


Motivations for lesclusione


Bad health or not good general state. Strabismus, obvious tilted tail, polidattilia.


Preferibile :


Amiable Unindole, the tip of the tail white woman and a deep color clearly of the eyes.




head 20
Sweet expression 5
Orecchie 5
Tipologia Body 20
Tail 5
Legs - Legs 5
Hair 10
Consistency of the hair 5
Color 5
Conditions 10