Its origin exotic is remembered gi from the name: Siamese, in fact, indicates the region of origin of this cat, the ancient reign of the Siam, cio puts into effect it them Thailand. It is worth the pain remembering that its origins are narrated from many fascinating legends. The first historical replies are found in a manuscript conserved near the National Library of Bangkok. Draft of the famous "Cat Book Poems", found again in the ancient one understood them of the Siam, Ayudha, in some backs narrates the origins of this cat. In native land, the siamese was not a lot appreciated from the popolani that the cats from the tigrato cape prepreferred, while from they were always loved from principesse.Il the Siamese disembarks in Europe in the second one met of XIX the century, when the king of the Siam made homage of one exemplary brace to the British consul of room to Bangkok. To the first feline exposure which they were present they did not have much happening between the public. In the years succeeded to you, two exemplary arrived others that participated to the extension to the Crystal Palace in 1981 and obtained the favors of many onlookers. The catofili chefin from the beginning were get passionate you to this race guide to you from Harrison Weir;gi from far away the 1889 stilarono a prize standard, so that the neo English feline club could accept the registration of the new variet. In France the curiosit around these cats it grew. Unfortunately the tried to you capacities ahead from Auguste Pavie failed very soon and the exemplary arrive to you in France survived for least tempo.Dopo the Siam, the second native land remained England, with an always greater number of catofili interested to the development of this new race. Today the Siamese has caught up optimal levels standard.


Of Asian origin, medium ransom, longilineo, with long and thin legs. It has eyes to shape of almond, always of blue color. Releasing musculature and elegant portamento

The head: it must gradually be to shape of perfect triangle, leaving from the tip of the nose and increasing themselves, following cheeks, towards the orecchie.

THE EYES: they must be of intense blue color.

Hair: aim, lucente and much driven in one. The spots of dark color must risaltare on the background ink.

Color: Beige, clear brown on the back and nearly white man on the ventre. The snout, the orecchie and the tail are instead of ink brown seal (seal).

RANSOM: average (around to i 30 cm, excluded tail)

Average life: around to the 20 years


No breeding to signal
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The Siamese Seal Point a cat that lives gladly in apartment, but must vent its vivacit:se does not have a garden makes acrobatics between house furnitures. In kind it travels gladly with the masters and it is become accustomed easy to the collarino and the leash. Unforeseeable, active, lively and curious. It grants to its affection total to a single member of the family. And morbosamente and overbearing affectionate and it adores to be coccolato. And a lot attacked alluomo, loves it and it follows it everywhere and it testifies it affection in every moment. And a cat from the esuberante and lively temperament, loves a lot to play and with the children (if these respect the rules of the game) are amused in particular way. If the good ways are not used pu to blow and to arrange endured scratching a zampata Pu to manifest its simply contrariato malumore even if does not only love star, indeed, the solitudine or worse still lindifferenza depresses it and the intristiscono. It very does not love the cohabitation with its consimili. And a cat estroverso and much comunicativo for which it is only suited who knows to listen to it. And a cat of rare sensibilit and fedelt in a position to giving but also to expect affection in way of all the exclusive one. It is perfectly suited who lives alone, to who it has need of company, to who to the search of a possessivo relationship, to all those persons who with an animal speak, converse and perch... a times do not discuss... Sun is suited in particular way to the persons and the old ones with which formidable understanding succeeds to find one. It is suited also to the children just for its esuberanza and its vivacit


E' less demanding than a cat to long hair, but has need of being brushed once to the day, devout that combed must be smoothed down with a soft cloth in order to render the cape still devout setoso and polishes. In the period of the dumb one brush only becomes necessary luso of one in order to eliminate the dead hairs.


Made up of milled meat, rice and verdure. The bocconcini in scato it, the foods in gelatin and the croccantini go well. It does not have to follow a diet particular but in order to maintain snellezza and agilit it must be fed devout times to of with light meal or to low caloric content purposely it studies to you in order not to weight down of the shape. They are from preferring premanifactured perch, beyond to the qualit, devout alimony easy to control the quantitative one of somministrato food. The portion pu to be integrated giornalmente with prepares to you multivitaminici and with a seed oil teaspoon in order to maintain polishes and smooth the cape


The female catches up pubert with advance payment the respect the others breeds: to 5 months pu to remain pregnant. The hard gestation 58/67 days. The cucciolate ones are always much numerous. During the heats (they are rather frequent even if they do not follow true and own rules) the miagolii are much noisy and enough difficult sopportare. Also the males introduce secondary sexual characteristics (tendency to mark to the territory and important vocalizzazioni) undesired. If not these problems are velleit dbreeders with sterilization they come shiningly resolved. breeders of these cats does not offer particular difficolt, the females are much prolific and difficultly they introduce difficolt of delivery. They are careful and apprehensive mothers much. The puppys are much premature, gi towards the 5/6 days of life begin to open the eyes. Although their fragile aspect a lot is robusti.Sono small attention and lives to us and also the weaning very quickly happens towards the quarter week.   This card be donated gives