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Origins and History of the Thai


The origins are uncertain. One knows however that it was gi from 1330, appreciated like animal from company near real of the Siam (it puts into effect them Thailandia), from which exactly, the Siamese name. Between the ruins of Aythia, understood them of the this reign, found state a book dellepoca "Poemi of the cat", in which these cats from the splendid cape have been ritratti beside the real ones of the time. It seems in fact that these cats were so consider you from reigning, that was forbidden to export them without their authorization; they were sacred cats, raises to you from the clergymen like guardiani of the templi.

In Europe these cats only reached the end dellottocento, and after first difficolt of adaptation to the climate they began to fascinate people and to diffuse themselves. This race came then recognized in Europe around to years twenty. The prototypes of the race seem that they have been donates you to England from reigning of the Siam, were two splendid exemplary, Pho and Mine.
In Years Sixty, it wants of renewal tocc also this race to it, that it came modified and estremizzata: nacque cos the Siamese puts into effect them, than port via the place and the name to "old" the Siamese. This cat not the place in the feline exposures lost only, but also in the heart of the breeders, remaining cos without genealogia. Cos the Siamese "old unavailable type" divenne perlopi and still to extinction risk. In the Years Ninety finally some breeders have recommenced to give themselves to make perch this splendid cat did not go definitively lost; cos in the 1998 some exemplary have been recognized newly like "race cats". They are hour the prototypes of the race that in order could not devout be called "Siamese", and be called THAI, like lodierna earth of Siam that today calls Thailand.






With the term "points" the zones colored to the orecchie agree, template, legs and tail.
Standard WCF:
BODY: Of medium largeness and muscoloso, but however slanciato and elegant;
never tarchiato or lengthened. The legs are of medium length and the piedini it rounds off to you.
The tail of medium length, leggermente streamlined and finishes to tip.
HEAD: The shape moderately to wedge with contours leggermente rounds off to you,
the light bent profile, with the slope to level of the eyes.
Mento strongly and the low jaw, the round snout.
ORECCHIE: Of medium largeness, wide to the base with the tips light rounded off, very separated.
EYES: Large and light oblique; the advanced eyelid to almond shape,
that inferior leggermente rounded off.
The color of the eyes of a lively blue.
CAPE: The short, lucente and smooth hair; it does not have sottopelo.

VARIET OF COLORS: The Thai a cat colourpoint, every point of accepted color without spots white women.
The descriptions of the colors are listed here under.

The colors of the cape:

literally "Marches color seal", the points are dark brown, the clear base of the body go from ivory to the cream. The pigmentazioni (the nose, the orletto palpebral, the mucosae and the polpastrelli) are black. Genetically the seal points black.
the points clear one is blue gray the base of the body much, from color the ice to the clearest ivory. The pigmented zones are in harmony with the cape.
the body the clearest ivory. The pigmentazioni are rosato brown, while template, legs and tail are of a beautiful chocolate warm brown.
the points are color lavender, rosato gray, while the cape color ivory ice,
the pigmentazioni are color red garofano.
the cape color ivory with shadings cream, the points is color warm cream and the pigmentazioni are rose.
the body color ivory with shadings apricot, the marcature is color orange, the pigmentazioni is rosate.
tortie point :
the cape ivory, the points is to shells of turtle, one particular red combination of and black single present in the females; the pigmentazioni can variegate in agreement with the shadings of the tortie.
It is said BLUE TORTIE POINT when the marcature are blue-grey and cream,
CHOCOLATE TORTIE POINT when they are alternated color chocolate and caffelatte,
LILAC TORTIE POINT when the marcature are lilac and caffelatte clearly.
TABBY POINT : the points they are tigrati, the strisce they must be defined and to enunciate on the clear bottom. They form on the forehead a design to "M", on the limbs and on the tail they are introduced like rings. Every variet avr a various name to second of the pigment that characterizes it.
There will be cos:
The body color ivory and the pigmentazioni online with the variet of the tabby.


The obbiettivo of raising the Thai the Traditional Siamese, all the variations that could imply a hybridization with breeds strangers (lanoso hair, pronounced cheeks, stop defined, round eyes) is undesirable and is from considering serious defects.
Strabismus. Truncated, lacking or uncinata tail. Polidattilia. Mandibolari problems.
Tests of manomissione on the hair of the cape or the orecchie.
Bad conditions of health.


The Thai an only cat, one true natural race, selected above all based on criteria of health and good character of the mici, beyond that on aesthetic bases; here of continuation the physiological data of the Thai; important that the micini they remain close to the mother gatta until three months det, in order to learn to relazionarsi between they, with the games, the feints ambushes and the techniques of hunting that learn in this period. And a lot important also the contact with the persons, than with delicacy will be approached the puppys, nonch with other animals, the dogs, as an example, than they will come to it "introduces to you" until to having a pacific and giocoso relationship gradually!



The physiological data:

FIRST CONNECTION OF THE FEMALE: not before 12 months
DURATION OF THE GESTATION: 63 - 65 days, until 70 days
MEDIUM LONGEVIT: 16 - 19 years
RESPIRATORY FREQUENCY TO THE MINUTE: 20 - 40 respiratory actions


The Thai a cat much decidedly lively assets and. Varied, nourishing diet perch rich of proteins and fat people has therefore need of one, sin from fine small allet adult, in devout ET then advanced sar adapted typical light unalimentazione of the mici "senior".

Usually they love to often vary the type of food, is in the taste that in variet humid or the sand bank. If it accustoms from small, gradiranno a lot to you the dry food that a complete food, lunico neo that, containing natural vitamin and as conserving stretches scurire their mantle color ivory, for if alternated for humid foods or it prepares in insignificant house pressoch its scurente action to you. A schiarente action, nonch decidedly beneficial ce l has the fish; a cod or nasello to vapor or a double boiler or the furnace will be sure appreciates to you!

Pu to be useful as I reinforce of I leaven of beer, in ribbons or tablets.

With the exception of how much one believes the latte ones not always appreciated, indeed pu to give digestive or internal problems, they appreciate the cheese and to times the yogurt!



The Thai above all chooses a person of the family to which it is become attached in particular way, for which he becomes an inseparable companion, a shadow who accompanies it in turn for the house and not only! E' naturally a lot chiacchierone and therefore of true company, a lot that comes called also "speaking cat". The Thai demonstrates to its affection in way much expansive one: always in arm, or coiled up on someone or the shoulders, from which it dominates better every situation. It is well in company of of the dogs and of the children from which one lets to make of all; the active female devout of the male even if both are dynamic cats giocherelloni and. The Thai is trainable cats much, a lot that, if it accustoms to you do not have R-nessun.problema with the leash! It does not love the solitudine, and it wants to be to the center dellattenzione. However with one coccola it returns quickly of buonumore. And active, lively and giocoso but not violent a cat and therefore adapted also to the small devout children from which sopporta patiently also excessive manipulations. Alloy with other animals of house, above all if accustomed from small, but stretches to become geloso there when the companion to two legs above all in presence of other consimili. It loves the comodit and it fears the given cold the short hair, what that renders it adapted to one life in apartment. Also being a cat of small ransom a lot has nails very developed that in apartment they will have to find an appropriate one tiragraffi, to which is become accustomed in a hurry; a requirement in order not to mark the territory is made the nails dispetto as it could be believed, but and to hold in good state the unghioli! Not of norm a good hunter, above all if removed the mother too much soon.

To the Thai it appeals to to travel and to follow its family also in head to the world: of I do not shave I feel myself to say from persons that they have taken a Thai cat that if it they are capacities to the sea or in mountain to make the excursions with they, without that gave some problem, just like if it were a dog.
This cat a true COMPANION OF LIFE in all the devout senses and consolidating this definition takes part its longevit; in fact let medium 18/20 years!


The language of the Thai


Fused, miagolii, breaths, grida, gemiti; the dictionary of the cats wide and extremely variegato. Every sound, in fact, has a particular one meant and in how much such one it goes translate, interpreted and recognized.
The MORMORII: Generally they are represents to you from the fused one. They indicate one be of affectionate and rilassato mind that it expresses a sense of felicit, contentezza and good predisposition towards the other. But not only, they constitute also a callback of acknowledgment and protection that ancestrally derives from the attitude turned from the mother to the own small during the period of breast-feeding. To times the fused one serves to tranquillare the micio in uneasiness situations, disease or fear, fused the rilassano!
IT VOCALIZES: They are represents to you from the miagolii. They serve the cat in order to speed up the other people's attention or to express uneasiness and dissatisfaction (cold, hunger, wants of coccole). We do not forget that the cats have need of continuous cures and much consideration. When miagolano they make in order to manifest it a need, any it is, in the understood Thai a lot often that miagolino in order to communicate all which passes it for the head! Naturally, it is to we to understand what mean theirs miagolii. You remember yourselves that the cats love to be satisfied in their requirements, are they primary (food, sleep) or secondary (need of attention, relax).
THE VIBRATIONS: "the forced" so-called vibrations are constituted from vocalize that estrinsecano in breaths and ringhi, until arriving to true and own grida. , also they get angry: with manifesting this behavior the cats scandiscono some typical negative actions, which attack, defense and feelings of malaise like the fear and the threat of danger. I vocalize of a cat in love not, as all think, marks turned them towards the companion or the companion, but a outcry of alarm and personal defense face to drive away the contenders considers "intruders you". In the Thai they are very ricoscibili, gridano cos strongly for being sure that all comprise!
Our friends on all fours do not use only the voice in order to communicate and to communicate their emotions to us. There are gestures and placed that they equally characterize well theirs necessit of esternare needs, volont and be of mind. In fact, pu just to assert that the cats speak through all their limbs.
POSITIONS: The position of the orecchie turned to GO BACK TO LIST is to communicate anger, while the high hair and the moustaches thesis are one danger signalling. The tail raised instead a sign of salute towards persons and cats friends.
GESTURES: A characteristic gesture of the cat the rubbing. Generally thought a way in order to mark the territory, than clearly it marks it to us that "all its!", but if practiced on the legs of the master or whichever person friend, it represents a way in order to manifest affection and, at the same time, to recognize the gradimento from part of the other to this type of confidenza. You know that, if the demanded attention the verr kindly given back, ve of sar in order always pleasing.
LANGUAGE OF THE EYES: When the hungry cat expands the pupille, when it has fear stretches to shrink them, if in alarm it raises the eyelids, if rilassato the socchiude.


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