The York chocolate a race of all the natural one and most recent selection that the American Janet Chiefari must own popolarit to the breeder. In the 1983 Janet it saw to be born from its gatta Blacky, a micina black white woman and to long hair, one cucciola from the flowing mantle color white man and cacao that came endured christened Brownie. Coupling this first cucciola with a nacquero stepbrother others two cats that had the same characteristics of the mother. These four subjects can, to all the effects, being consider the prototypes you of the race, poich from they come down all the other existing chocolate York exemplary, are monocolors are bicolored, but all rigorously of chocolate ink. From here along followed job of selection that, from the drawing up of one temporary standards to debilitating and difficult the practical ones in order to obtain the acknowledgment from part of devout the important international feline associations. The first acknowledgment happened in the 1993 from part of the CCF and in the 1995 from the CCA. In Europe the WCF has included it, to leave from 1997 in the list of the breeds recognized in temporary way. The York chocolate must its name to the origin place, the state of New York, and the color of its cape, than of a warm chocolate color.


E' a large cat of dimensions with the semilong, lucente and setoso cape

RANSOM: medium-large (the male catches up to maximum 8 kg, the female arrives to 5 kg).

Head: to shape of wedge with rounded off forehead.

ORECCHIE: wide to the base and capacities a p in he goes, very distanced to you and appuntite.

Eyes: to almond, they can be of green, nocciola color or gold.

Legs: sturdy and enough long.

TAIL: long and folta.

CAPE: smooth, I polish, much thin and adherent one to the body, soft and setoso.

Colors: chocolate (dark brown), lavender (brown clear) or bicolored with spots white women. The variet bicolored it has spots white women on the nose, around to the mouth, on the neck, chest and legs.

Average life: 15 years.


No breeding to signal
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E' a brioso, particularly alert cat and from lively intelligence. From the Siamese it has inherited passionalit and the morboso attachment to padrone;dal the common cat the robustness and the extraordinary equilibrium. E' a curious, pacific race and sociable, an animal that adores living in family, caress and coccolato being but that, at the same time, not renunciation to its spaces and its independence. Mistrustful E' with the strangers. For this those who in a cat is suited to all on condition loves wonderful connubio between "morbida"bellezza and the sweet character (for that it comes loved and respected). E' the typical cat of apartment, than adapted without difficolt to every type of sistemazione. If it has the possibilit to exit, demonstrates of being a skillful hunter. It does not have problems with other domestic cats and animals.


The webbing of its soft and setosa hair and, also being thinnest does not stretch to become knotted. Sufficient E' to comb it two times alla week with a wide mesh comb nelle devout zones where the hair along and with one brush of natural setole sulla head and sulle legs. Lacking in sottopelo, it does not fear the warmth but it must living protected from the cold and from airflows It has need of many attentions: it does not have perci to only remain for long periods.


They go well is the freschi foods that it manifactures to you. In the case alimony is used manifactures to you (indicates during the development) the every day portion to you around to 110 g for the dry food and 100 g for the humid food. The diet housewife (made up of red meat or white woman and rice) pu sometimes to be integrated from vitamins.


The female does not go made to couple before the year and means of ET (2 heat). The hard pregnancy approximately 63 days and the cucciolate ones are in average composed from 4-5 gattini.   This card be donated gives