Acropora Formosa or Coral to corna of red deer

Latin name
Acropora Formosa
Common name
Coral to corna of red deer
Maximum 50 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Small Antozoo colonial, pertaining to the order of the Madreporari or Sclerattinie, family of the Acroporide; endemic in the Red Mar, the Indian ocean, the Pacific ocean and the tropical Atlantic ocean, Mar of the Caribbeanses.
The colony, formed in kind very many small polipi, equipped of a limestone skeleton, from the typical shape of horn, completely covered from the cenosarco on which the boccali openings of the single individuals are opened, very distinguished the une from the others, encircled from a corolla of small tentacles urticanti and arranged in top to a small limestone rise.

The limestone skeleton introduces numerous ramifications, whose directly proporzionato number to the stream force of water that the colony invests; the cenosarco of color generally ocher or rose, with the estremit viola or blueta; the variable color for the quantit of alghe simbionti of the species of the Zooxantelle, devout or little present.
Of night, in rest position, the several one polipi is withdrawn in the cenosarco carnoso; with the light, instead they expand the crown of their tentacles to outside of the common mesoglea literally making to bloom the limestone branch.
The tentacles turn out are many urticanti that much adhesive in how much driven in they are covered from is cnidociti adhesive: spirocisti, from are cnidociti urticanti: nematocisti.
Sturdy Antozoo much and resistant one, prefer to be placed in the bathtub in correspondence of one strongest water current; it has need, moreover, of one lighting system much intense one, preferibilmente with light of cold coloration, 10,000 K and beyond, obtained with lamps HQI.

It needs, obviously, of the water filtered and oxygenated, very poor of nitrogenous substances and phosphates; they are advises to you you attend and abundant water changes with added regular sifonatura of the bottom and of Soccer, Strontium, oligoelements and bioelementi.
It goes very rarely nourished with plancton frozen-dry made to recover some minute in water, preferibilmente the same one of the Aquarius, or better, dept freeze, to spuzzare with an appropriate syringe I lean the colony.
Belonging to the order of the Madreporari subject to limitation in the import, it needs in fact of a certificate C.I.T.E.S. , but for its robustness and the facilit of the advisable breeding however also for acquariofilo to its first experiences with the barrier Aquarius.


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