Alpheus Armatus or Gamberetto gunman

Latin name
Alpheus Armatus
Common name
Gamberetto gunman
Principle 5 cm. In Aquarius 3/4 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Likeable small Decapode crustacean pertaining to the family of the Alpheidea; its rather controversial classification in how much exists very many colorations of the liveries that not always are equivalent to species different; endemic in the Mar of the Caribbeanses.
It introduces the body of lengthened shape, devout or little place setting than chitinosi hairs, variously colorful, in the tonalit of the red one, white man and cream, to bands or reticulated; the first equipped pair of pereiopodi of chele, di.le which, enormously developed, conformed in order to emit a characteristic noise, similar to one I talk nonsense; three braces of the longest, elastic and extremely sensitive antennas are present, of color white man, with red bands or rose.

It is in nature that in Aquarius alive within galleries that infaticabile in the sand digs, often it establishes one simbiosi with antozoo the Bartholomea Annulata and fish of the Gobiidae family; its main food consists in small fish that come before storditi with crack it of the large one chela and then capacities to the inside of the lair.
Practically onnivoro, in Aquarius nutre of all us that it finds on the bottom; dry chip ax mangime is in flakes that in small grains, artemie and chironomus it deeps freeze to you or it freezes-dry to you, to times rosicchia also small pieces of polpa of cozza.

Enough territorial, shape braces monogame and the males defend the territory in the vicinities of the mouth of the lair; , however, a lot adapted to the Aquarius of barrier in company of invertebrates and fish of medium largeness; much timid one, very rarely remains nearly all the time on the opening or to the inside of the lair and adventure in explorations in the Aquarius.
It does not have particular requirements as far as the chemical values of the water, that it must be only very leaked and aereata, are however advisable regular oligoelement additions and bioelementi.
For all these reasons would not have to never lack in the Aquarius of barrier with invertebrates of the principiante but also the expert acquariofilo.


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