Amphiprion Percula or Amphiprion Ocellaris or Fish clown

Latin name
Amphiprion Percula or Amphiprion Ocellaris
Common name
Fish clown
Principle 15 cm. In Aquarius 4/8 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 26/30 Densit 1018/1022 PH 8.4

E' the devout ones known of the so-called the fish clown, pertaining to the family of the Amphiprion, coming from from all the archipelago Hindu-Australian, much colorful, relatively sturdy one, adapted to the cohabitation with nearly all the fish of barrier of the not aggressive others breeds purch.
Enough controversial its systematic classification: for some authors, To. Ocellaris and To. Percula is two varying of the same fish, second others is two distinguished kinds, however not there some difference as far as the acquariofilo.

Body a lot flattened, lengthened, the dorsal fin uniform in two parts; the particularly striking and colored livery: loaded bottom orange with three vertical bands white women, the fins are bordered of black.

Once very acclimatized onnivoro, she preprefers mangime dry in grains of small diameter and, above all, dept freeze, artemie or chironomus.

It needs of a small bathtub, perch a great swimmer and does not prefer to remain in the immediate vicinities of its territory; subject to bacterial diseases of the skin needs of water a lot very filtered and aereata, with regular treatments made up of ozone, eventual partial changes with scrupulous sifonature of the bottom and regular additions of oligoelements and vitamins are however advisable.
Not territorial Pacific and adattissimo to the Aquarius with invertebrates, also in numerous groups, often carries out the simbiosi with the sea anemones of all the kinds, but especially with those of the sort Rhadianthus and of the sort Stoichactis.


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