Amplexidiscus Fenestrafer or Sea anemone to elephant ear

Latin name
Amplexidiscus Fenestrafer
Common name
Sea anemone to elephant ear
Principle 50 cm. In Aquarius 8/10 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Large gregario Antozoo, of the order of the Discosomatidi; little colored but much decorative one; it comes from the Pacific ocean and the Indian ocean, above all from Indonesia; gregario hermit but, shape groups of distinguished individuals the uni from the others.
Sessile and completely lacking in a skeletal support, fixed saldamente on of an inert support, which one cliff or one madrepora dead woman, by means of a small adhesive disc said foot.
From the part of the short cylindrical body that is found in opposite position to the foot opens the boccale opening, encircled from a carnoso disc of enormous dimensions, of color brown or gray, with glares verdastri, covered from two rings concentrates us of tentacles, it separates you from a smooth space in the zone devout near the external edge that, often, is introduced risen.

To times the carnoso disc is bundled up completely on if same making to assume to To. Fenestrafer the shape of a small wineskin.
Much sturdy one, for being an invertebrate, a lot adapted to the Aquarius of barrier in cohabitation with all the other invertebrates, sessili and not, and of fish of medium largeness, but not with Balistidi or Cantigaster.
It prefers to be arranged in a little illuminated and interested place from a sure water current, but if the environmental conditions them they are not perfect does not come any absolutely pregiudicato the maintenance in Aquarius.
Onnivoro, above all draws its maintenance from alghe the Zooxantelle but from plancton and the small the animals captured from the surrounding atmosphere; in Aquarius it appreciate plancton frozen-dry or dept freeze, artemie or chironomus; if much great this antozoo pu to be nourished also with pezzeti of fish or polpa of cozza deposits to you with delicacy over the periorale disc that immediately is bundled up in order to digest the nutriment.

Sturdy Antozoo much and easy one to acclimatize itself, do not have particular requirements as far as the chemical and physical values of the water that must be filtered and be only very aereata.
They are however always advisable partial changes with sifonatura of the bottom and regular oligoelement additions and bioelementi.
Not particularly urticante but however to leave one small distance of rispeto well from other sessili invertebrates that otherwise could come ustionati; it would not have moreover to cohabit with fish of small dimensions.
For all these reasons and the fact that a species re-entering in the limitations of import and detainment established from the CITES the Amplexidiscus Fenestrafer would not have to never lack are in the Aquarius of invertebrates of the principiante that in that one of devout the expert acquariofilo.


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