ANTHIAS HUTCHI or Fish to lancere striped

Latin name
Anthias Hutchi
Common name
Fish to lancere striped
Principle 9/10 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 26/30 Densit 1018/1022 PH 8.4

Likeable fish the whose rather conflicting classification: according to some authors it belongs to the family of the Serranidi, second others, to the own family of the Antiidi; endemic in all ocean Indiano and Pacific, Great Coralline Barrier, islands Salomone and Filippine.
Body lengthened enough, yellow livery of color tending to the orange, a red line fire goes from the ochio towards the posterior one; fins a lot developed broadsides of red and blue, especially the ridge of the male, the whose third beam extends a lot above the others, tail one to two lobes.

Colorful but delicate fish, must preferibilmente be raised in small branches, adapted to the cohabitation with nearly all the fish of barrier of the equally calm others breeds purch.

Much difficult one to acclimatize, once very acclimatized onnivoro, preprefers mangime in grains of small dept freeze diameter and, artemie and chironomus.
It needs of a large bathtub, in how much in too much small Aquarius becomes aggressive; with much madrepore and cliffs, arranged to form gorges and coves; advisable a large movement of the water.
Little resistant to the diseases, it needs also of water very filtered and aereata, are therefore advisable frequent partial changes with sifonatura of the bottom, treatments with ozone and regular additions of oligoelements and vitamins.
A lot adapted to the Aquarius of barrier with invertebrates and small fish.


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