Balanus Amphitrite or Barnacle or barnacle

Latin name
Balanus Amphitrite
Common name
Barnacle or barnacle
Principle 10 cm. In Aquarius 1/2 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Strangest Cirripede Crustacean pertaining to the family of the Balanidi; perhaps original of cosmopolita the Hawaiane islands and by now present in all the tropical seas.
Colonial invertebrate, from the rather unusual habits of life, introduces two makes itself, one juvenile and one adult completely various one from the other: the juvenile shape, of all the similar one to that one of the other Crustaceans, a small nauplio, analogous to that one of the artemia salt, that it swims liberations in the water pelagiche; to a sure point of its life, attracted from chimichi secretions of other individuals, it is attacked to some object submergeeed with the limestone secretion of appropriate glands situated in the front antennas and begins one deep metamorphosis that the porter to the adult shape.

The body of the adult stage does not introduce, instead, some distinguished segmentazione, typical of the Crostracei and wrapped in rising of conical, limestone cape, with the striped and longitudinally smooth outside to the inside, saldamente berthed to superficial a rigid one, which a scoglio, a valva of Tridacna, the armor of a marine turtle, it it careens of one ship.
White man with threadings viola, opened log and to the sommit from which sporgono the cirriformi limbs, the cape pu watertight richiuso from one limestone slab brace to shape of opercolo.

The limbs, transform to you in cirri, carry out the only function of feeding, leaking with their continuous movement small planctonici organisms that then come convogliati in the inside of the cape to the mouth; the continuous water flow provoked from their movement allows also the respiration of the animal.
In Aquarius it comes some used above all the limestone cape as element ornaments them; much instead difficult one to find exemplary alive of large or medium ransom, exemplary small come instead often import to you like clandestines on alive cliffs, Tridacne or other.
Onnivoro, if practically present in the bathtub it does not place some problem of maintenance.
It does not have particular requirements as far as the chemical values of the water, that it must be only very leaked and aereata, are however advisable regular oligoelement additions, bioelementi and Soccer.

One characteristic interesting consists in the fact that the B. Amphitrite is ermafroditi alternating, but the connection and the fertilization are introduced alone in dense populations; in such cases, the males directly deposit the sperm in the cavit of the mantle of the females work them near for means of along tube.
The fertilized eggs are brooded in the cavit of the mantle and can pass several months before that the larve planctoniche they are freed.
In Aquarius of barrier in function from much time young people only can themselves be seen exemplary attack you to the furnishing or the glasses of the bathtub.


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