Bartholomea Annulata or Sea anemone to rings or curly sea anemone

Latin name
Bartholomea Annulata
Common name
Sea anemone to rings, curly sea anemone
Principle 8 cm. In Aquarius 3/5 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Small or gregario Antozoo small, of the order of the Attiniari, family of the Aiptassidae; enough colorful and decorative, it comes from the Atlantic ocean, Mar of the Caribbeanses, from Florida to the Guinea.
Sessile and completely lacking in a skeletal support, fixed on a full of rocks support, by means of an adhesive disc said foot, of a color marroncino tending to the verdino.
In top to the column, it smooths down and without the costolature of the mesenteridi the boccale opening of the same color of the foot, encircled from one is found crown of longest tentacles.

The tentacles, traslucidi and opalescenti, of color ocher with unmistakable cross-sectional bands fine than diameter and wrapped white women are rather to spiral; very many urticanti cells, said are covered "cnidoblasti" and come use you from the animal are like defense, than for procurarsi the food; when the antozoo disturbed ritraggono quickly forming a gomitolo compact.
Much sturdy one, for being an invertebrate, a lot adapted to the Aquarius of barrier in cohabitation with other urticanti invertebrates; often it comes colonized from gamberi of the sort Alpheus from which receives the favor of the viglianza reciprocating with the protection offered from its urticanti tentacles.

Not advisable, instead, to approach it to other invertebrates that could be ustionati from its urticanti cells or to bind together it to fish discs of a valve, like Hyppocampus, that they could come captured and it eats to you.
Carnivore and predator, nutre of all us that he arrives to capacity of its urticanti tentacles: it is mangime dry is dept freeze: artemie or chironomus.
Antozoo sturdy and easy to acclimatize itself, does not have particular requirements, regarding the other invertebrates, as far as the chemical and physical values of the water that must be filtered and be only very aereata; in not rare Aquarius that it is reproduced for gemmazione of the column or a tentacle.

They are however always advisable partial changes with sifonatura of the bottom and regular oligoelement additions and bioelementi.
For all these reasons would not have to never lack in the Aquarius of invertebrates of the principiante.
Only precaution to follow: the tentacles are many urticanti and, therefore, it must make attention in carrying out the regular maintenances.


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