Cerianthus Membranaceus or Giant Cerianthus of the sand

Latin name
Cerianthus Membranaceus
Common name
Giant Cerianthus of the sand
Principle 30 cm. In Aquarius 10/15 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Large Antozoo hermit of the order of the Ceriantari, possesses a crown of numerous, urticanti tentacles, arranged on two concentriche series around to the cavit oral, the tentacles of the external series can catch up the length of 50 cm. while those of the inner series are many devout courts.
The body, lacking in skeleton, has the shape of a worm and inguainato in a membrane mucillagginosa to girdle shape, than, secreta from the animal and reinforced from limo and small inorganic fragments harvests, generally sink in the sand, the estremit inferior deprive of adhesive disc for which the C. pu, in danger case, to withdraw itself quickly to the inside of the tube that being much devout along of the same individual, represents an optimal shelter.

It prefers to be arranged sulla sand, in a ombreggiata position, a light current that the nutriment brings ai urticanti tentacles and removes the refusal products secreti.
Much sturdy one, for being an invertebrate, a lot adapted to the Aquarius of comunit with invertebrates and fish of small largeness, preferibimente Amphiprion, Pomacentrus, Acanthurus.
Nutre of all that it arrives us to capacity of its urticanti tentacles, than ritraggono as a motivating force not as soon as they succeed in ghermire one small preda.

In Aquarius chip ax it is mangime dry is dept freeze, artemie and chironomus; if much great this antozoo pu to be nourished also with pezzeti of fish or polpa of cozza supports to you delicately on the crown of the tentacles.
It does not have particular requirements, regarding the other invertebrates, as far as the chemical values of the water that must be filtered, be only very aereata and deprives of nitrites and nitrates.

They are, however, always advisable changes of the water with sifonature of the bottom and regular oligoelement additions and balanced bioelementi; the only precaution to take finds in placing the C. with much caution in one buchetta dug in the sand of the bottom and then filled up with delicacy in order not to compress the host too much.
For all these reasons would not have to never lack in the Aquarius of invertebrates of the principiante.


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