Cypraea Leviathan or Lyncina Leviathan or Ciprea

Latin name
Cypraea Leviathan or Lyncina Leviathan
Common name
Until to 8 cm. In Aquarius 4/6 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Splendid Gasteropode, pertaining to the order of the Monotocardi, family of the Cypreidi, present in the ocean Indiano and Pacific.
Extremely characteristic for the lengthened shape of its shell, it polishes and colored and from its coloration crossed rose salmone from clear bands.
Over the foot, locomotore muscular organ, introduces a large head, with two long tentacles, thin and draws near to you, to whose base the eyes and the sifone are found.

A cutaneous fold hardly over the foot, said cape, is increased from ambo sides and it is raised so as to to cover for entire the limestone shell, proteggendola from it hits and from the damages; from the cape many are raised of hang to us tactile to arboreal shape, much sensitive.

In carefullied lay down nature alive on the Reef, muovendosi between cliffs, however always in places little illuminate or decidedly oxen to you; extremely lively the muscoloso foot is moved continually muovendo.
In nature the C. Leviathan nutre of small Crustaceans, Poriferi, Celenterati and Antozoi that hunting incessantly.

Easy to raise in Aquarius, it is for the feeding, it is for the relative one insensibilit to the characteristics chemical-physical of the atmosphere places of the problems single as far as the connection with the other invertebrates which could end with becoming its prede.
In dept freeze nourished Aquarius v with mangime, artemie and chironomus, or with small pieces of polpa of cozze or fish.
As far as the chemical values of the water, this must very be filtered, be aereata and deprives of nitrites and nitrates.
Regular changes of the water with sifonature of the bottom and added of oligoelements and balanced bioelementi are advisable.
For all these reasons could be raised also in the Aquarius of invertebrates of the acquariofilo principiante.


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