Fungia Actiniformis or Fungia to sea anemone shape

Latin name
Fungia Actiniformis
Common name
Fungia to sea anemone shape
Maximum diameter 25 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Large Antozoo hermit, pertaining to the order of the Madreporari, family of the Fungidi; endemic in the Indian ocean and the western Pacific ocean.
Equipped of a limestone skeleton to horizontal development, it is usually developed on a sabbioso or ciottoloso substrate, assuming the characteristic shape of a fungus, from which the curious name.
The limestone skeleton generally introduces most numerous radial septa, on which the soft woven ones are berthed, of intense color a green one because of the strong presence in the cenosarco of alghe simbionti of the species of the Zooxantelle.

From the cenosarco carnoso numerous tentacles from the tips to shape of clava and lively colorful are risen, rendering the individual much similar to one sea anemone
In rest situation the tentacles ritraggono in the cenosarco common, making to appear the individual similar to a carnoso disc.
It prefers to be arranged in correspondence of one such water current to make to sweetly move the tentacles, when they are estroflessi, without for strapazzarli too much; if the place not aggrada the F. Actiniformis pu to move a lot slowly, in order to go to the search of a better place.

Enough resistant, intense lighting system has need of one, preferibilmente with light of cold coloration, 10,000 K and beyond, obtained with linear fluorescent lamps or lamps HQI; of water filtered and oxygenated, very poor of nitrogenous substances and phosphates.
They are advises to you you attend water changes with sifonatura of the bottom and regular added of Soccer, Strontium, oligoelements and bioelementi.

It goes nourished with plancton frozen-dry made to recover some minute in water, preferibilmente the same one of the Aquarius, or better, dept freeze, to spuzzare with an appropriate syringe in the pressed ones of the individual; if the much large F. Actiniformis pu to be nourished also with pezzetti of polpa of cozza or brandelli of fish supports to you delicately on the tentacles.
Difficult to raise and subject to limitation in the import, it only needs in fact of a certificate C.I.T.E.S., advisable for acquariofilo expert and a much patient.


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