LIMA SCABRA or Flame comb

Latin name
Common name
Flame comb
Until to 6 cm. In Aquarius 3/5 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Splendid Bivalve Clam, pertaining to the order of the Pterioida, family of the Limidi, present exclusively in the Mar of the Caribbeanses; extremely characteristic for its colorful shell of white man and ocher and for the long and thin fire tentacles color red that dipartono from the edge of the cape.

In nature alive embedded between cliffs or the madrepore, or carefullied lay down on the sabbioso bottom of the Reef, between the praterie of alghe; as many others bivalvi possess of the glands that emit a special filamentous substance, the Bisso, much tenacious one with which the L. Scabra still saldamente to the substrate.

Arranged Cosi the Clam opens the two valve of the shell and estroflette thin tentacles that prolonged from the edge of the cape, which acquits the twofold function of convogliare to the inside of the cavit to gastrovascolare of the animal, thin particles of food like alghe unicellulari, bacteria and protozoi, microplancton and, moreover, of monitorare in the vicinities of the shell the presence of eventual predators.

Thanks to these tentacles, extremely sensitive, the L. Scabra, perceived of the danger, detaches filaments of bisso that they hold it berthed and escapes via quickly, pompando a water jet from valve that it opens and it closes suddenly, with a movement similar to the heartbeat of wings of one the butterfly.
Difficult to raise in Aquarius, it prefers to be arranged on a limestone support, far away from the sand, in one strongly current that removes the refusal products secreti and that contributions nourishing particles; just because of the scarsit of its preferred food, the relative one difficolt of breeding.

E' therefore necessary to somministrare frequently small quantit of appropriate mangime for filtratori animals or of the microplancton, frozen-dry or dept freeze, in order to avoid that this splendid Clam dies quickly of starvation.
E' little sensitive and instead demanding as far as the chemical values of the water that must be, however, very leaked, aereata and deprives of nitrites and nitrates.

Regular changes of the water with sifonature of the bottom and added of oligoelements and balanced bioelementi are advisable
For all these reasons would have to be present also in the Aquarius of invertebrates of the acquariofilo principiante purch equipped of much patience in feeding this bivalve extremely decorative.


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