Lituratus Nose or Federica Fish

Latin name
Lituratus Nose
Common name
Federica Fish
Principle 50 cm. In small Aquarius devout
Values of the water
Temperature. 26/30 Densit 1018/1022 PH 8.4

Large fish pertaining to the family of the Acanturidi, coming from from the Red Mar and all Pacific ocean, from the colors many particular, unfortunately extension its splendid livery only when it catches up important ransoms.

Body from the romboidale shape, lengthened, a lot flattened on the flanks, the fins dorsal and anale extend on a great part of the perimeter, thin ventral fins, the tail, bilobate fin, introduce two long filaments, on the peduncolo tail are very visible two braces of the fixed, most sharp pricks.

Particularly elegant livery, of color gray pearl, zone between the eye and the mouth white woman, clear tail fin devout of the body with one dorsal, anale black vertical line, fins and ventral yellow or oranges, cosi like the peduncolo tail; mouth with labbra anch' yellow or orange they.
Adapted to the cohabitation with nearly all the fish of barrier of others breeds and also with other Acanturidi purch of different color.

Splendid swimmer prefers large bathtubs much, with wide spaces in order to swim but also hiding places and gorges between the madrepore.
He needs of limpid water, very leaked and aereata, with PH values elevates to you and constant, nitrite absence, nitrates and phosphates; they are advises to you to frequent changes and abundant, added of oligoelements and vitamins.
Difficult to acclimatize but once adapted sturdy, enough resistant to the diseases, easy to nourish.

Vegetarian in nature, in Aquarius onnivoro with predilezione of the appropriate sfoglie of alghe frozen-dry, of eats vegetables to me in large grains and of lattuga or spinaci hardly scotta but dept freeze chip ax also, artemie to you you go up some, chironomus.
Adapted enough to the Aquarius with invertebrates especially in the smaller ransoms.


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