ODONUS NIGER or Black crossbow

Latin name
Common name
Black crossbow
Principle 30 cm. In Aquarius beginning from 6 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 28/30 Densit 1018/1022 PH 8.4

Splendid fish pertaining to the family of the Balistidi, present in the Red Mar, in the oceans Indiano and Pacific, nonch archipelago Hindu-Australian; from the color black deep, vellutato, tending to the blue or the red one.
Sturdy body, from the typical romboidale shape, obvious mouth, with large red teeth, the dorsal fin possesses the mechanism of typical block of the fish crossbow, tail fin with two long and thin lobes.
The Balistidi introduces a particular mechanism of defense: while the first thorn of the dorsal fin erge, the second one flette towards ahead maintaining it saldamente in position, finquando does not stop the stimulus that has put in function the mechanism.
Completely black livery, with red or blue glares; red teeth.
Sturdy, adapted to the cohabitation with nearly all the fish of barrier of the others breeds and also with other Balistidi purch of different color.

Easy to acclimatize, carnivore, preprefers mangime dept freeze, artemie, chironomus gamberetti or polpa cozze but also dry in grains or frozen-dry.
It needs of a large bathtub, in how much a great swimmer and searches carefully all the Aquarius to the search of eating, stretches also to dig under the madrepore; it needs very of filtered and aereata water.
Much resistant one to the diseases, demands alone partial changes with sifonatura of the bottom and regular additions of oligoelements and vitamins.
Absolutely not adapted to the Aquarius with invertebrates in how much if it feeds some very gladly, instead adattissimo to the acuario of a neophyte to the first crews.
Its meats, like those of all the Tetraodonti, are velenosissime but us not absolutely a problem in Aquarius.


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