Latin name
Common name
Fish miner
Maximum 10 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 26/30 Densit 1018/1022 PH 8,4

Small fish much coloring and pacific, pertaining to own, the narrow one, family of the Opistognatidi, coming from mostly from the Mar of the Caribbeanses.
Cylindrical body, a lot lengthened, large head with a large articulated mouth, eyes many independent furnitures and between they, lengthened the ventral fins are a lot and thin, the dorsal fin prolongeds until to the peduncolo tail.
Livery of color yellow gold on the head, with shadings of blue on the rest of the body, edge of the fins celestial.

Sturdy, lively one fish much, adapted to the cohabitation with fish of barrier of all the others breeds, purch relatively small and pacific.
Once very acclimatized onnivoro, it preprefers mangime dry in grains and dept freeze, artemie you go up some or chironomus.
It needs of a medium bathtub, with much madrepore and a wide sand space on, in how much, not having the natatoria blister, remains frequently pressocch on the bottom sheltering itself within galleries dug in the sand from which fuoriesce only with part of the body, in danger case it is sheltered to you completely and then it closes the opening with a pebble or a shell taken in the vicinities; , because of presumed straight on these it is known, often rissoso with its similar ones.

Resistant to the diseases, it suffers for the excessive values from nitrates and phosphates, in the which case it loses vivacit, are advisable partial changes with sifonatura of the bottom, treatments with ozone and regular additions of oligoelements and vitamins.
A lot adapted to the Aquarius of coralline barrier with invertebrates.


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