Latin name
Common name
Principle 40 cm. In Aquarius 10/15 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Colonial Antozoo of the order of the Zoantari, endemic in the Pacific ocean and that Indian; systematic of the order the a lot imprecisa in how much exists smallest differences between a species and an other, to times such difference consists alone in the substrasto on which the colony settles down itself.

Sessili, completely you deprive of a skeletal support, single polipi, not devout large of a centimeter and means, are similar in the aspect to one small sea anemone, with the foot inglobato in the common mesoglea, a cylindrical body and with a small stoma to the center of a disc encircled from numerous tentacles, in multiple six number, covered from urticanti cells, said "cnidoblasti"; the coloration much variable one, from the green to the red one to the yellow.

The single individuals form of the incrostanti colonies cliffs, sponges or the madrepore.
Cenosarco the a lot often covered from grains of sand and mud that amalgamate to the secretion mucosa, secreta from the common mesoglea, forming one risen of rigid sheath from which the fuoriescono single ones polipi, removing they it original aspect of the colony.
Relatively sturdy, a lot adapted to the Aquarius of comunit with invertebrates and fish of small largeness, preferibimente Amphiprion and Pomacentrus.

In the bathtub, the colony, strongly prefers to be arranged in light place interested from or devout a movement of the water that brings the nutriment and removes the refusal products secreti; being lacking in alghe simbionti, Zooxantelle, does not love particularly the intense light preferring one ombreggiata zone.
In nature nutre of all us that it arrives to capacity of the urticanti tentacles of the single individuals; in Aquarius pu to be nourished it is with plancton dry, fact preventively to rinvivire with little of water of the Aquarius, is dept freeze, sprayed with an appropriate syringe over the tentacles of the colony, also very accepted frullato of cozze, fish and gamberi from the hardly somministrato liquid consistency in the same way.

It does not have particular requirements, regarding the other invertebrates, as far as the chemical and physical values of the water that must be filtered and be only very aereata; always advisable regular they are added of oligoelements and bioelementi.
The P. sp. not properly comprised in the limitations established from the C.I.T.E.S. but it to second of the support could become on which insediata the colony, in the acqusto it must control if incrostato a protect piece, in the which case is necessary the certificate.
Much decorative and not too much impegnativo one, would not have to never lack in the barrier Aquarius of the principiante.


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