PLATAX TEIRA or Fish tawny bat

Latin name
Common name
Fish tawny bat
Principle 40 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 26/30 Densit 1018/1022 PH 8.4

Large fish pertaining to the family of the Platacidi, coming from from all Pacific ocean and also from the Red Mar; relatively sturdy, sociable, adapted to the cohabitation with fish of barrier of equally pacific others breeds purch.
Discoidale body, dorsal a lot flattened, lengthened fins and anale a lot, with the claviformi edges and round off to you, also developed the ventral fins are a lot, mouth much large one with the labbra carnose; colorful dark brown livery with large black lines, to imitate one leaf sand bank of mangrovia, transparent tail fin.
Difficult to acclimatize, he would be advisable to acquire exemplary gi perfectly it acclimatizes to you and it accustoms you to the artificial food; once very acclimatized onnivoro and vorace; it preprefers mangime dry in grains or dept freeze, artemie you go up some, chironomus and also gamberetti.

It needs of a large bathtub, in how much swims majestically in the center of the Aquarius, with little madrepore that, otherwise, could ruin the long fins; with water a lot very filtered and aereata.
Enough resistant to the diseases it suffers for the competition from fast fish and the excessive values from nitrates and phosphates, in the which case the livery loses the shining colors and ingrigisce; abundant partial changes with sifonatura of the bottom, treatments with ozone and regular additions of oligoelements and vitamins are advisable.
Not a lot adapted to the Aquarius with invertebrates in how much if it feeds some gladly and, not even, to the cohabitation with fish bites to us, like Balistidi, Diodon, Arothron, some Labridi, that they could ruin its long ones, majestic fins.
However one its characteristic, common with other Platacidi, exceptional velocit in healing the parts of fins eaten from other fish.