POLYCARPA AURATA or Ascidia to ink spots

Latin name
Common name
Ascidia to ink spots
Principle 15 cm. In Aquarius 8/10 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Large Tunicato hermit pertaining to the class of the Ascidiacei, family of the Polycarpaea; endemic in the tropical seas of the oceans Pacific and Indiano.
This Ascidia, sessile and completely deprive of a rigid skeleton, introduce a body from the typical shape to pear or kidney; equipped of two openings, sayings sifoni, one inalante, posizionato in the advanced part and one esalante to met approximately of the body.

The P. Aurata clings tenaciously to the substrate by means of a stolone bases said them peduncolo; the sifone inalante dated of particular ciliati organs in order to prevent that they come too much inhaled large particles that could suffocate the animal.
As soon as within the sifone inalante the gills are found, supported from I affixed smalls basket to you in woven coriaceo; the water passes through gills oxygenating them while the tiny alimentary particles come leaked and convogliate towards the endured posizionato organ digesting under such smalls basket; the water comes expelled through the sifone esalante with to the male and feminine cataboliti ones and the gameti, in how much the P. Aurata Ermafrodita not autofecondantesi.

The outside covered from one tunica, from which the name, of woven hard and coriaceo, format for the devout ones from cellulosa;la P. Alive yellow Aurata of color with abundant blue irregular spots or viola, its tunica, various from the others variet of always free Polycarpa from the epibiotici organisms, probably perch secerne an appropriate poison in order to get rid some.
The P. Aurata an invertebrate a lot rubusto, little demanding as far as the physical characteristics chemical of the water, that it must be leaked and be simply very oxygenated; it needs of rare changes of the water and regular added of oligoelements and bioelementi.

Also as far as the little demanding feeding: filtratore animal absorbs through sifone inalante the largest one quantit of water that leaks withholding all the most fine alimentary particles in suspended it; in such a way it completes a most useful job to the inside of the ecological system of the Aquarius.
Therefore enough the normal somministrazione of mangime necessary to the other hosts in order to hold it in good health, solo occasionally pu to grant one light sprayed additional of micromangime specific for the filtratori organisms.
After all an invertebrate simple to maintain, little demanding and much profit, moreover being lively colored also a lot striking and therefore sure advisable to every acquariofilo.


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