Latin name
Common name
Principle 60 cm. In Aquarius 10/15 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Colonial Antozoo small of the order of the Alcionacei, coming from from all tropical the tropical seas and sub.
Completely lacking in a skeletal support, it has a tubular shape, a lot lengthened, with one small crown of tentacles; shape large colonies, to large shape way of goblet or fungus, having carnosa consistency.

Sessile, the fixed colony saldamente to the substrate by means of an adhesive disc, to times similar to the roots of a tree; several the individuals are in great part dipped in the common mesoglea leaving estroflessa only the part finish them, equipped of one crown of small little urticanti tentacles.
In danger case, the single individuals contract themselves quickly, expelling the water that completely fills up them and ritraggono in the common part, that expedient on if same making oneself to assume to the colony the shape of one ball, hard and wood.

Much sturdy one, for being an invertebrate, a lot adapted to the Aquarius of barrier in cohabitation with other invertebrates and small fish or average largeness, preferibimente Amphiprion, Acanturidi, Pomacentridi, Centropige.
It prefers to be arranged in a light water current, sufficente to move the part sweetly to tentacolare of the individuals, in such way that contributions the nutriment to the colony and remove the products of refusal secreti from the individuals, but much fort not to annoy and to make ritrarre the small polipi; also preferibile one zone with one good lighting system, best if obtained with fluorescent lamps and not with lamps HQI.

Nutre one is of the products of the Zooxantelle simbionti it is of all us of animal that arrives to capacity of the tentacles of the colony, is plancton dry, rinvivito in water of sea, preferibilmente the same one of the Aquarius, is plancton, chironomus or artemia it deeps freeze to you.
It does not have particular requirements, regarding the other invertebrates, as far as the chemical values and physical of the water that must very be only filtered, oxygenated, it deprives of nitrites.

It suffers moreover for the presence from nitrates and phosphates, in the which case the colony appears found it hard, little inclined to estroflettere the single individuals completely; they are therefore advisable frequent and abundant changes of the water with sifonatura of the bottom nonch regular oligoelement additions and bioelementi.
E' important to observe that the foot turns out integral and not torn and that not present hurt due to a little careful transport.
For all these reasons would not have to never lack in the Aquarius invertebrates the principiante to its first experiences, but also in that one of devout an expert acquariofilo.


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