SPIROBRANCHUS GIGANTEUS or Worm tree of Been born them

Latin name
Common name
Worm tree of Been born them
Principle 25 cm. In Aquarius 8/12 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/26 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Sedentario Policheta annelid of the family of the Serpulidi; cosmopolita, present in all the tropical seas and moderates to you.
Sedentario annelid, hermit, from the vermiforme body, of color red yellowish, evidently segmentato, lives on the marine bottom, from young person sheltering itself under it knows or small masses; to a sure point it digs, with a secretion acida, a small hole in a madrepora on which it begins to form a limestone tube, secreto from the cape.

Hand by hand that madrepora the host grows of diameter the S. Giganteus extends the tube in way to always remain above the tentacles of the Sclerattinie.
To estremit front of the present body a encircled boccale opening from gills piumose and wrapped to spiral that, normally, the S. Giganteus leaves to sporgere outside from the protection tube.

The branchial crown, beyond acquitting respiratory functions, filters the water capturing organic detritus particles the microscopical and animals of which nutre the S. Giganteus.
The branchial spandrel constituted from two met equal wrapped to spiral, the extremely variable and lively coloration, to united ink or with cross-sectional bands of several colors: white man, red, black, brown; estremit of these setole extremely fotosensibile and enough one small shadow in order to which immediately put in alarm the Annelid ritrae to the inside of the tube.
One of filaments of the branchial crown modified to form a opercolo, mineralized, that it closes the opening of the tube when the animal ritrae the branchial crown.

Much resistant one, for being an invertebrate, in Aquarius does not place breeding problems; a rather ombreggiato prefers to be arranged in place, in an light current, not too much strongly otherwise would annoy it forcing it to remain closed to along.
It cohabits calmly with all the fish adapted the calm and not aggressive Aquarius of barrier purch; if it comes too much annoyed the S. Giganteus that pu not to abandon the limestone tube in order to move itself elsewhere would end with dying of starvation.

E' therefore important to choose the place in which arranging our host well.
It does not have particular requirements as far as the chemical values of the water, that it must be only very leaked and aereata, are however advisable regular oligoelement additions and bioelementi.

In nature nutre of the microplancton that they succeed to capture the setole with their constant movement, in Aquarius nutre of all us that it comes to it somministrato: plancton frozen-dry or dept freeze, mangime dry in flakes, if large this sessile Policheta chip ax also artemie and chironomus deeps freeze to you.
In conclusion an invertebrate much decorative, simple one to raise, little expensive, after all would not have to never lack in the barrier Aquarius, is of the principiante is of the acquariofilo evoluto.


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