STENOPUS HISPIDUS or Gamberetto boxer

Latin name
Common name
Gamberetto boxer
Principle 7 cm. In Aquarius 3/4 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Likeable small Decapode crustacean pertaining to the family of the Stenopodidi; endemic in all tropical the tropical seas and sub.
It introduces the body of color clearly, white man or gray fog, with designs you of cross-sectional fire rings color red, the rostro, indented and much short, placed side by side from two setose antennas, the large eye, white man; the first pair of pereiopodi, a lot developed and carried in the characteristic position from "boxeur", equipped of large chele, the others two seems of chele devout small, is present three braces of long elastic antennas and extremely sensitive, of color white man, on the tail, capacity nearly always sluice is present two red lines that of it delimit one white woman.

All the body and first pereiopodi is covered from small limestone pricks and setole chitinose; moreover the cefalotorace marked the remaining angolatura with abdomen introduces one, fact that determines the curious inarcata positura of this Crustacean.
Much territorial one with its similar and also enough aggressive with other invertebrates and fish, a lot adapted the barrier Aquarius purch accompanies with invertebrates and sturdy fish.

It tolerates the presence of a single copy of its species but of different, recognizable sex for the grossezza of the greater abdomen in the females and for the presence or the absence of the palpi abdominal, replaced in the females from theater boxes, or lamelle, often containing the eggs, of color green or blue.

Much lively one, takes a walk calmly for the bathtub to the constant search of the food or pause in order to clean up calmly the longest antennas and does not stretch for nothing to hide; after a small period of acclimatization chip ax the food from the hands of the fan, swimming until to the surface.
Practically onnivoro, in Aquarius nutre of all us that it finds on the bottom or in the interstices of the madrepore; dry chip ax mangime is in flakes that in small grains, artemie and chironomus it deeps freeze to you or it freezes-dry to you, to times rosicchiano also small pieces of polpa of cozza; if very fed not difficult that changes one dumb to the month.

It does not have particular requirements as far as the chemical values of the water, that it must be only very leaked and aereata, are however advisable regular oligoelement additions and bioelementi.
In Aquarius not difficult to obtain of the reproduction, while the much devout difficult breeding of the small larve..
For all these reasons would not have to never lack in the Aquarius of barrier with invertebrates of the principiante but also the expert acquariofilo.


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